Hello Kitty Advent Calendar

I have no doubt that this was created to make sure that the significant other of every Hello Kitty fanatic suffers intolerable agony on a daily basis for the entire month of December as he has to listen each morning to the excited, high pitch squeals of joy about how cute that day’s chocolate blob of feline evilness is. Just saying from my own experience…

Hello Kitty advent calendar

Sent in by Kiki

Update You knew that there could never just be one and that I would continue getting Hello Kitty Christmas crap after Christmas was long over…

hello kitty advent calendar

Sent in by hellokitty_luver

hello kitty advent calendar

Sent in by Hayley

12 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Advent Calendar”

  1. That is just pitiful, utterly grossly pitiful. That’s worse than this mouse book advent calendar we used to have, and we lost all the things, and I found one in my room cleaning it so we could move, hee hee.

  2. There are about 4 or 5 different HK advent calendars n the UK this year that I know of…I have 2 of them, also I bought one for my other half


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