Hello Kitty Mop

What’s worse than cleaning up around the house? Cleaning up around the house using Hello Kitty cleaning products. Nothing makes mopping the kitchen floor worse than having the evil feline staring back at you the entire time — something which happens when you have the Hello Kitty mop in your house:

Hello Kitty dry mop

Hello Kitty mop

I have to admit that when I first had to use this, I was tempted to get a bottle of ketchup or red food coloring and liberally spread it around the area where the handle goes into Hello Kitty’s forehead. Somehow I don’t think that my wife would appreciate that type of humor and I resisted once I realized how long I would likely end up sleeping in the Hello Kitty sleeping bag on the couch. Still, just the thought brings a smile to my face, and sometimes that is all you have to hang onto when you live in Hello Kitty Hell…

Update: You really thought that they would stop at just one?

Hello Kitty mop with pink face

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19 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Mop”

  1. With every stroke of the mop it looks like you’re jamming a spear deep within the evil one’s forehead as she’s feasted upon by a sea of earthworms. I approve.

  2. Think about it this way:

    you killed the cat by stabbing in the forehead, and now you clean your house floors with it’s face:)

    look at how dead it looks
    it’s almost scary

    I love hello kitty though:))

  3. OMG!!!! I soooo love this! I don’t even care that the pole is stabbing through her forehead, I must have this to complete my HK collection. Maybe this will encourage my husband to keep his spills to a minimum…

  4. its actually almost cute enough to get….

    to convince one of the kids to mop the floor for me hahaha..

    Hey, what happened to your wife’s ebay?

  5. agreeing with some of the comments above, you could look at this in a more optimistic light – it’s a hello kitty object that could easily be destroyed quite innocently in a number of ways~

    love the website in a sort of ‘it’s-horrifying-and-makes-me-laugh-nervously-but-i-can’t-help-but-be-drawn-in’ way!

  6. That is really awesome. I have to have one!!!! I would clean the floors without anybody having to tell me….. *Daydreams about cleaning the floor with a smile on my face*

  7. I LOVE this Hello Kitty mop!!! I have looked online for them but can’t find where to purchase one? Does anyone know where I can buy one?

  8. well, i dunno but hello kitty’s items makes me happy and my husband has no choice but to love hello kitty too! while i am on my hello kitty shopping he always smiling whenever i pay it to the cashier.


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