Hello Kitty Google Chrome Theme

It’s not enough for the evil feline to fill my house with all of her Hello Kitty crap, she now also wants to be part of my browsing the Internet when using Google Chrome. I guess getting this might be a good way to lose a few pounds because there is no way that you are going to be able to keep any food down if you have to look at that all day…

hello kitty chrome theme

Hello Kitty Google chrome theme

Sent in by Katy (via Chrome Plugins)

29 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Google Chrome Theme”

  1. Actually there is a Hello Kitty Mozilla. It’s under the Persona’s app. I actually wore it for a while till my mom had me change to a leopard print.

  2. Hey! Can anyone please tell me how to install or download this google chrome theme? i want the pink one very much! Thanks in advance. :”>

  3. blahblah there is link below the images pointing to Chrome Plugins website. Create an account and after that the download links will be alive and follow the instructions there.

  4. So? Anyone can make a theme about anything. I have one about my favorite band now.

    And to who said “thank God Mozilla doesn’t have this”… one word: personas. There are loads of Hello Kitty ones.

  5. Hi hi, I know this site isn’t for promoting HK and her ability to take over the world, but how can one download the hello kitty backgrounds?

  6. Jessi is right, you really are only incouraging us.

    My bf is a lot like you.Not the biggest Hello Kitty fan. He bought me a HK basket for my yarn and some dominoes for Christmas. He will probably kill me for downloading this.

  7. thanks to you i was able to find this theme and in one minute FLAT download it! thank you for letting me know they had this! and that i’s freeee!!!


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