Hello Kitty Retainer

I would put visiting the dentist pretty much up there with living in Hello Kitty Hell. When you put the two together, you basically have the makings for a complete horror show where stuff like the Hello Kitty tooth becomes a permanent fixture in your mouth after getting a Hello Kitty root canal.

One would assume that the Hello Kitty tooth would make all Hello Kitty fanatics come to their senses and simply admit that Hello Kitty x dentistry will never go together, but once again you would be underestimating the lengths that Hello Kitty will go to get her image on absolutely everything. Thus, the Hello Kitty retainer was born:

hello kitty retainer

Upon seeing this, my wife thought that the entire concept of a Hello Kitty dentist would be a wonderful idea. At one point she even exclaimed, “Wouldn’t Hello Kitty braces be the cutest thing ever?!”

All I could imagine was having Hello Kitty leaning over me with a Hello Kitty dentist drill in her hand with a Hello Kitty drill bit on the end hitting my teeth as the Hello Kitty Novocaine she administered hand no numbing effect. Now that I think about it, that would probably be on par to the pain that Hello Kitty Hell causes me on a daily basis…

Sent in by Tara who has already punished herself more than I could ever imagine wishing upon her by merely thinking that getting a custom made Hello Kitty retainer is something a sane person would do…

Update: One would assume that one such monstrosity would be enough, but of coourse that would go against everything we already know about Hello Kitty:

hello kitty retainer

Sent in by kristen

More Hello Kitty oral fixation…

hello kitty dental retainer

Sent in by Marisa

hello kitty retainer pink

Sent in by Lisa

26 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Retainer”

  1. would be cute if it were any color other than RED, makes it look like hello kitty is encased in some kind of blood jello. bloody retainer=ick.

  2. as you know, I LOVE Kitty, but that is just weird on many levels.

    and as you know my bf is anti-kitty, made him a HK card for valentines, he’s already seen it (think he might have sent you a photo lol)

  3. I have to wonder, why do these pro HK folks think they have to rub this crap in our faces? If they didn’t do that, we could tolerate it a whole lot better.

    It is childish, selfish, UNloving and maybe even hostile to deliberately push HK in the face of someone you KNOW hates it. @ Harriet in particular, how would you like it if your bf kept giving you stuff he KNOWS you hate?

  4. It’s disturbing yet intriguing at the same time… If I had to wear a retainer, then this on would make me feel a bit better about it. I do agree w/jesi though, the red makes it gross- pink would be better. As for the comment left by metal m mike, sorry to break the news to you but those items are already out there. Take a look at HKH archives and you will see that it’s only just the begining.

  5. @Sharon, hammer, nail head interface 100% successful.

    @Harriet, Sorry, but part of the point of buying someone a serious present is to show then that you’ve taken the time to look for something that they will like. (cheap joke presents are another matter entirely)

  6. @Kitteh!! – I very rarely get serious presents. People know fine well that two of my fave things are HK and Mario (I have lots of posters on my bedroom walls :D) but I only ever get merchendise when I ask for it. A lot of the time people get me either money, clothes or perfume. Because I’m a girl, and those are typical girly things.

    Also, my boyfriend isn’t 100% anti-kitty, he’s buying a HK duvet soon for his bed (for the hell of it, because the design contained the colour black which “looked manly”)

  7. Ha ha “these hello kitty folks”
    The 2nd retainer doesn’t look neat. But at least if u lost yr HK retainer then u could find it easier.

  8. omg, how do u get it? lol. i would ask my orthodosit if i could have it. hahahahha.

    um, hello kitty tampon???!?!? oh wow!!!! i want!!!!! i want all hello kitty stuff….

  9. I have a hello kitty retainer too. Mine isnt as cute as the ones above. The dential assistant didnt want to do it at first but I talked her into it.

  10. Where can i get hello Kitty retainers?!
    Please, heeelp! I know mmy orthodontist doesn’t do this.
    But i can convince hher! (;


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