Hello Kitty Superheroes

Seriously, if my wife ever is able to convince me to go out in an outfit like this, just shoot me. Sometimes there is nothing more to say.

Hello Kitty Super Heroes

Sent in by Amy who should have to dress up like this everyday for the rest of her life as punishment for creating the thought in my wife’s mind that this would be “a cute and wonderful costume” for us to wear next Halloween (I’m moving back to Japan before that happens), and for ever thinking that anything good would come of sending it to me…

23 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Superheroes”


    Faster than speeding bull$h1t…
    More powerful than an emetic…
    Able to wipe out entire clusters of braincells at a single bound…

    It’s a birdbrain,
    It’s plain idiocy
    It’s STU-POR Kitty!

  2. Okay, I have a question? Why did you label them Hello Kitty Superheroes, when they are CLEARLY, beyond all doubt, superVILLIANS?

  3. As an Hello Kitty loving, Furry, Otaku, Science Fiction geek, I been my fair share of conventions and seen some awful costuming but this one is a good job and they got the body for it.

  4. Agreed; even from an HK hater, this is great costuming. The questionable bit is him having the hot pink bodysuit, and her the “superman blue” one, rather than the other way around.

  5. Wow, not only was I happily oblivious that there were in fact “Hello Kitty” groupies, I didn’t know grown people were collecting the stuff. Sounds a little off to me. Who would have thought there was enough for an entire blog! Funny stuff.

  6. The girl is SUPER cute but the costumes = YIKES!!!!!
    Wearing those costumes at Halloween would be about as much fun as attending a KKK rally dressed as Oj Simpson, Id be beaten senseless in 5 minutes……………


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