Hello Kitty Ultimate Cage Fighting

One would imagine that there would be certain sports where Hello Kitty, no matter how hard she tried, would never be accepted. Of course, that would once again greatly underestimating the evil feline and her quest to put her face absolutely every where. For those of you who still doubt, here is the Hello Kitty extreme cage fighter:

hello kitty cage fighting

Much like the Hello Kitty men’s underwear (and the various other frightening variations), this photo is a disaster for any male that has a Hello Kitty fanatic in his life. My wife took one look at this photo and demanded to know, for the millionth time, why I am so against wearing Hello Kitty clothing. She should already know better.

Hello Kitty x aging men with beer bellies does not make an attractive photo opportunity (although it certainly does provide ample blackmail material so that she is guaranteed to get anything Hello Kitty she wants for the rest of her life simply by threatening to release the photos onto the Internet). Imagine of your dad wearing that outfit (ohhh, sorry about that — my bad. I should have told you to go to the bathroom or at least get a trash can handy) and you should pretty much agree that it is just wrong in so many ways. The fact that my wife refuses to acknowledge this obvious reality ensures that I remain painfully in the deepest depths of Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Cathy who should have to watch all her loved ones fight this guy (I would say her, but from the sound of her email to me about how sexy this guy is, she would undoubtedly enjoy being in a ring with him herself) as punishment for ever thinking that sending this to me would result in anything good…

25 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Ultimate Cage Fighting”

  1. I don’t think there is a “no blows below the belt” rule in “ultimate fighting”, is there? In which case I’m thinking “target”!!

  2. now heres a real man wearing hello kitty and not afraid to show it off. hello kitty is for everyone whether you are strong or not. you mr. hkh are ashamed of yourself. you are nothing like him.

  3. My impression is that he must a) be very confident in his masculinity to be able to wear this and b) take it seriously to get a good-luck present from his gf or sister.

  4. Hi, I’m back. First thing that hit me when I saw this was where the Hello Kitty was. Of all the places! Does this even need to be made fun of?

    @ Darlene, do you ever read what you write after typing? Seriously, do you? ?

  5. As the picture was loading my random thought pattern was as follows… ;
    1) Oh, cute guy..
    2) Ooh, nice muscle toning on the arms…
    3) Oooh, nice abs…

    Seriously, I like my men a bit more.. macho -_- I don’t need the abs, I don’t need the arm muscles.. I’d prefer at least if I could think of a guy as cute tho, but damn, please leave the man some dignity and “manliness” X_x

    Oh, and btw, I think Darlene 12 is a fake one! *lol*

  6. UCF is pretty gay. Gay in the hot guys grappeling in a sweaty hyper masculine porn sense. I love it and he is very hot.

  7. And this is why Asian men totally ROCK!!! Sidebar…..I actually wouldn’t mind being in the ring with him, I’d let him take me down.

  8. Hello kitty is for girls. Idk why any guy would think its a good idea to wear hello kitty in a cage fight considerin hello kitty is most certainly not manly, cute, attractive, masculine, or a good way to show strength. To me that is a sign of weakness bc it shows that guy clearly has a major soft spot somewhere inside him. Unless your gay that is just horrible.


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