Hello Kitty iPhone

Life gives you a very different perspective on gadgets when you live in Hello Kitty Hell. While most people crave the latest and greatest electronic toys out there, those that share their lives with fanatics of Hello Kitty live in fear with each new popular gadget that hits the stores. This is because we know that it’s only a matter of time before that popular gadget comes in Pepto Bismol pink covered with the evil feline.

I already hate cell phones in general because of what my wife does to them. When we lived in Japan, I avoided having to live with a Hello Kitty iPhone because there were so many other cell phones that were superior to it there that my wife wanted, but now that we are back in the US, my wife is insisting that she needs an iPhone. I have no doubt that this is what it is going to ultimately look like:

hello kitty 3G iPhone

This is obviously an attempt of Hello Kitty to blind everyone into submission. Either that or send everyone into Hello Kitty induced seizures. Seriously, if you are every dating someone that is carrying around something like this, run. Run fast. Run fast and far, far away. The only alternative is joining me in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Claudia who I would wish horrendous torture upon as punishment for thinking it would ever be a good idea to send this to me, but the mere fact that she owns this is far worse punishment than I could ever imagine…

32 thoughts on “Hello Kitty iPhone”

  1. my gawdess, i loves it, where do i find a blinged out hello kitty iphone cover? the ones on the sanrio site are too plain for me. HELP!


    excellent work btw

  2. Oh bloody hell! try shove that one into any normal seized pocket.. If that end up in your home, my depest condolenses would be in order..

  3. AH! They just opened up a Hello Kitty store around the corner from my job and and I went and took a bunch of pictures for a post I am doing in a couple of weeks. I didn’t read your blog too much because I don’t want to steal any ideas or hatred but I thought it was hilarious you had a whole site dedicated to this hatred. Now that is the kind of hatred I can really support!

  4. hi i like kitty i pod pouch it is very nicely made. i like roses studded on it. i am thinking of buying it one for my little sister as her birthday is coming near. can you tell my from where can i buy it.

  5. Did you know HK has pet cat as well, called Charming Kitty and looks like her. I’ll found a sticker sheet while I was on holiday apparently these stickers can be stuck on phones.

  6. Ugh… that’s way too blinged out even for my tastes & I like shiny things.

    Although on the other hand, it could be helpful for those moments where you are getting mugged. You could use it to beat the mugger into submission. I figure those rhinestones would make some pretty deep gashes.

  7. You have a wonder website….If i need a smile, a laugh or if I too need to realize that too much Hello Kitty is NOT a good thing (lost my mind). Keep up the good work. My husband is very grateful that I do not have the terrible need to have HK around the house. HK should be like porn and kept from sight =^..^= 🙂


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