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You know, I would think that by now people would realize that I really have no desire to help them spread the cult of Hello Kitty — but of course, that would be greatly underestimating the intellect of those that promote the evil feline. Case in point — this recently ended up in my email box:

Dearest Gatekeeper of HK Hell,

I’ve just started working for HK mag UK, and one of the segments I produce is about the bonkers things people do in the name of Hello Kitty… Needless to say, 90% of images/references/posts all come back to your site. I’m hoping you might be willing to provide me with contact details for key images/pieces/products that you feature…

This by no means would see you endorsing the mag, product or Hello Kitty, but would simply be a way for people to have an alternative avenue to showcase their endeavours. As I’ve just come on-board at the mag, I don’t have an established fan-base to draw upon; your blog is literally the best reference internationally for such things — Alessandra

It seems that now Hello Kitty magazines believe it’s my job to do their work for them because it is obvious to them how much I would actually love spending more time than I already have to with the evil feline. It really is not a good sign in Hello Kitty Hell when people from Hello Kitty magazines are contacting me for help. It’s even worse that they considered HKH the best international reference for things Hello Kitty. I have a feeling it is going to be a long, long week…

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  1. What HK mag in the UK is that exactly?

    I happen to buy the official HK mag in the UK, which (I think) is done by an Italian printing/publishing company, and it’s mainly a little kids magazine, but it’s still cute (I could send a pic of the latest issue if you want)

  2. well, if anyone wants to know if something exists HK wise the first link in google to appear usually goes to your site so it seems pretty obivous that sanrio would want to us it advertiment.

  3. As you so often say, just when you think Hello Kitty Hell can’t get any worse, it promptly does! Until today I wasn’t even aware that there was an UK HK magazine!

  4. LMFAO!!!!
    The lengths to which people will go to just to find out where to get this stuff is too much, I love it. Since I’m tired of hunting down stuff for my collection, I’ve finally convinced my family, husband included, to take a trip to Asia. I promise that I will document all of my findings, so maybe this chick can contact me instead, lol =)

  5. eh, I don’t buy your hate of HK. If it wasn’t for the “Eeviiilll Feelinnnne” you wouldn’t have such a popular site. The gimmick is old.

  6. I think I know which magazine you are talking about. Is it Hello Kitty mag which comes with various cups or saucers to make up a tea set? TV was advertising the magazine a few months ago.
    Obviously if you hate Hello Kitty you wouldn’t waste money on this crap. Bad enough to run her on holiday on Hong Kong let alone in the UK.
    This crazy cat is on a mission to take over the world soon no where is safe.

  7. I think it’s weird that they’d feel comfortable with 90% of their material referring back to you when they aren’t compensating you in any way for the work that you do on this blog. Whether it’s fun, a hobby, or a strategy for venting frustration, this blog is work. if they are using your posts, photos, comments, archives, whatEVAH, you should get some credit. And some money. And at the very least a free subscription.

  8. @ Kuromi – I saw that advertised, went to search for it in shops, shops didn’t have it. I was so angry, I wanted it 🙁

    But I couldn’t have afforded it since I already buy official HK magazine and Official Nintendo Magazine whenever they come out.

    and I’m sat here in a HK hoodie 😛

  9. Only if they are willing to compensate you for your time in some format. There is no good reason why they can’t do the same things that you are doing if they are interested enough to make a magazine.

    Asking you to do it for free is actually kind of insulting, in my opinion. That’s the type of thing they hire & pay people to do.

  10. Hello there Mr.!
    Even though I am an absolute 100% HK fan; I love reading your blog! (I’m sure my husband relates to you 100% if not more lol) It literally makes me laugh out loud!!

    You’ve got yourself another HK fan as a follower 🙂

  11. what is this? i doubt someone from priziocollection would contact a blog its against their terms, and if someone has then she shouldnt be working for them as it wold be unofficial nevertheless not suitable for young children that read that magazine, it is for children only, and what children would be looking at kittyhell?

    hellokitty magazine has enough advertising and it would be pointless for it to use forums or blogs, facebook may be a start as businesses and publications are choosing that and twitter but sounds like you got some spam!

    I got many e-mails from people pretending to work for magazines myself and i aint no owner of a blog.

    Why she need a fan base to draw upon anyway?? isnt she supposed be doing something for the mag considering she didnt even say what?

  12. Sorry, i realise this is hello kitty hell… with such a negative title like that why would any magazine want to be associated when the wont even let people subscribe directly from periziocollection ?

    if they dont want people to subscribe from them why would they go to the effort of being associated with a website?

  13. Or people could send their pics to the magazine instead of you, and you’ll have less fanatics to deal with, ’cause they’ll just flock to the magazine!

  14. Well first of all, I’m a fan of HK.
    All of this fuss you’re making on your website is rediculous, because you obviously spend you’re time looking for more and more Hello Kitty things. If you don’t like it, don’t dwell over it! HELLO. Common sense. You’re the dumba** for dealing with it.


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