Hello Kitty Baby Stuff

The issue with Hello Kitty baby stuff is that there is actually some unfortunate baby in the world that has to wear and be surrounded by it because, for some unfathomable reason, the parent worshipping the evil feline thinks that it is cute. Now, this baby will likely seek unimaginable revenge upon the offending parent for doing this to her when she is old enough to realize the child abuse that had been thrust upon her (unfortunately, I also must say “or him” — the sad fact is that Hello Kitty fanatics don’t really care). In their early formative years, however, they are absolutely defenseless to the torturous indoctrination. Skeptical? This is what happens to a baby that ends up with a Hello Kitty fanatic that has access to Hello Kitty baby stuff:

hello kitty baby stuff

This again shows me that Hello Kitty condoms may not be as bad as I first imagined since it would spare my children the above to the order of several magnitudes…

Sent in by Natalie of her friend’s 4 month-old baby, Naomi, who already looks ready to call child services on her parents to try and escape the Hello Kitty Hell that she finds herself in…

6 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Baby Stuff”

  1. There is nothing wrong with kids playing with/wearing HK. Too much of ANYTHING is never a good thing. I will say this though, Sanrio doesn’t produce the nicest HK clothing. Like many things in their company, alot of it is super massed produced. There are many designer brands, such as the Victoria Couture line, that makes awesome, high quality HK clothing for babies, kids, teens, and adults. Of course, you will have to pay more for it. I can’t wait till I have a baby girl of my own… She will definitely wear HK, but in moderation 🙂

  2. this site is obviously a fail because who ever makes it wastes their time finding pics of hk even though they hate hk.



  3. My daughter loves her Hello Kitty stuff! She JUST turned one, but her crib set, diaper bags, room decór and all that is Hello Kitty. I made her a nice Hello Kitty baby blanket. She has Hello Kitty clothes through 2T, a pesonal x-mas tree w/ Hello Kitty ornaments, and lots of Hello Kitty toys.


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