Hello Kitty Scrubs

I ended up in the hospital emergency room last week (luckily I didn’t end up in a Hello Kitty hospital or a Hello Kitty examination room). Now, most people would view a trip to the emergency room as a negative experience, but when you live in Hello Kitty Hell, things tend to get a bit warped. All of a sudden I found myself someplace that was (seemingly) void of the Hello Kitty, so as I sat in the emergency waiting room, I was actually beginning to think that regular visits to the emergency room might not be such a bad idea.

The delusion that I would not meet the evil feline even in the emergency room was soon shattered. While I managed to avoid the Hello Kitty blood pressure gauge, I wasn’t so lucky when it came to what the nurse that did the initial screening wore when checking me into the emergency room – Hello Kitty scrubs:

hello kitty scrubs

As soon as my wife saw the scrubs, she was instantly more interested in them than my health and more concerned where she could get them that whether or not I was going to die. As the nurse tried to get vital information that might determine whether I lived or died, my wife peppered her with questions of where she could obtain such a “cute and wonderful uniform.”

The nurse, being the true professional that she was, not only was happy to engage in a fifteen minute conversation with my wife about all the different patterns of Hello Kitty scrubs that exist, but also gave her information on how she could purchase them. The only positive thing about the entire process was that the nurse didn’t manage to leave a Hello Kitty bruise on my arm when she drew my blood (something my wife was rooting for) and the fact that I now have a reason never to get sick again in my life…

Update: You knew the evil feline wouldn’t stop at one pattern:

hello kitty hospital scrubs

hello kitty nurse scrubs

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  1. Your wife is pretty cool! So is the nurse! You on the other hand… I just want to know why are YOU so obsessed w/ such a girly project that has been a part of many a young woman’s life for roughly the past 40 years? If you hate the fat white headed mouthless cat so much why write about her? Leave her to those who love her… like me, your wife, the nurse, & any other young women under the age of 40. As for your trip to the e.r., you won’t find sympathy here. While battling a life long chronic illness, I have seen more e.r. rooms then you ever will during your entire lifetime. Take 2 Tylenol & walk it off.

  2. I hope you get well soon.
    AS for the nurse I wonder if it one of our fellow Hello Kitty Junkies? If is your nightmare my just be starting…To find out what Mr and Miss is really like.

  3. Hello kitty scrubs are just a LITTLE OTT. But if i ever become a nurse… I WANT SOME!!!!!!! wait… why does your wife want hello kitty scrubs… is she a nurse?

  4. Hope your feeling better! Hello Kitty is hard to get away from. I like how nurses are getting fun patterns for their scrubs, but Hello Kitty scrubs would make me nervous. Maybe they’ll be hard to find…

  5. @Robyn- Whatever health problems you are facing, please know that we will send you best wishes and keep you in our thoughts.
    I know ALOT of people who aren’t part of the medical field who love wearing scrubs. Many say that they’re great to wear while cleaning, comfy to wear to bed, and easy to hang around the house in. To be clear, I’m NOT one of those people, but I won’t deny wanting a HK pair of scrubs:-)

  6. They are available in Walmart Canada stores. You can find one specifically at the Walmart SouthKeys in Ottawa. I have a pink one!

    As stated you don’t need to work in the field. I wear them because they come in my size, 3X.

  7. As a medical transcriptionist working in a hospital, I have the luxury(?) of wearing scrubs if I so choose. Since I don’t like the pants (there’s something awful about elastic waistbands), I choose to wear only the tops. I have, last count, 10 Hello Kitty themed scrub tops ranging from a rocker-esque black and hot pink, to sugary cottoncandy pink. Just one more way I’m making life hard for all those non-Hello Kitty fans.

    Oh, and I bought them all for $20 at Wal-Mart. I’m located in Vancouver, Canada.

  8. That nurse should be fired. x.x
    1) Incorrect uniform. Yes it’s scrubs, but maybe some people tripping their butts off on morphese would not appreciate bright purple and fat headed cats.
    2) Wasting hospital time – She was not talking about your health, on YOUR time as well, while others are sick and possibly dying. And depending on your condition, had it been due to stress, then your wife and her nattering on about hello kitty while you were desparate to find out your fate probably did not help. Just saying. Next time someone comes in your room wearing that? Call for a nurse.

  9. I actually have that purple scrub top, as well as the red one. I have a 3rd red one stashed away. I’m not insane for Hello Kitty, but patients seem to smile when I wear them.

  10. Crap…when I google imaged Purple Hello Kitty Scrubs, this was the first picture to come up LOL…I was so excited hoping the site was ebay or some other on-line purchasing page… but no..Only a grown man hating on a little cat.. It’s true..she’s everywhere, infiltrating the lives of 4 and 40 year olds alike. But honestly, that face is the damn cutest thing I’ve ever seen and if that makes me, your wife, the nurse and possibly every person living in Asia crazy..then so be it 😛


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