Hello Kitty Kelly Clarkson Garter Belt

Hello Kitty on anything is a disaster in itself. Give that Hello Kitty item to a celebrity and that disaster only amplifies untold times. Kelly Clarkson x Hello Kitty is a perfect example. I’m not sure what I find more disturbing — the fact that a Hello Kitty garter belt exists or that Kelly Clarkson thinks that a Hello Kitty garter belt should be worn on her head:

hello kitty Kelly Clarkson garter belt

Of course, upon seeing this my wife has added the hello Kitty garter belt as a must have to go along with the Hello Kitty wedding dress, the Hello Kitty wedding cake and the Hello Kitty wedding ring as part of her dream Hello Kitty wedding that she wants to have as a second go around since she hadn’t realised her Hello Kitty fanaticism when we originally got married.

Unfortunately, any mention of Hello Kitty and wedding together automatically ensures a worse than usual week in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Amy (via Kelly Clarkson) who should have to wear a Hello Kitty garter belt around her head just like Kelly Clarkson as punishment for getting my wife thinking about Hello Kitty weddings again and ever thinking that sending this photo to me would be a good idea…

12 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Kelly Clarkson Garter Belt”

  1. As a huge HK fan, I love the IDEA of HK garters, but I have found that most of the HK wedding acessories are really ugly and cheap looking. So on my wedding day, I found a beautiful garter and I just added a really pretty HK charm to it. It was small and discrete, and no one but me knew it was there.

  2. I have no problem with the garter belt, but Kelly Clarkson is ether think she is cool — (NOT she acting the fool) or she bucking for a trip to the Betty Ford Center.

  3. I note that she appears to have blindfolded herslef with the artificial flowers, in which case I have a cunning plan involving the HK bondage room (qv)! 😈

  4. um. while that is, indeed, a ‘this person has lost their mind’ moment captured on film (or digital image)…

    you’ve made a common mistake. that is NOT a garter belt. it is a garter (an elasticised ring of fabric designed to adorn a lady’s leg, or alternately to hold up a man’s shirtsleves). a garter belt is designed to be fastened around the waist (or hips) and hold up stockings. as per this image: commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Garter_belt.jpg

    thank you.

  5. It was her birthday, they’re just having fun geez ! I think some people there are even dressed as Christina, Lady Gaga, etc.


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