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It’s when I get emails like this that I fear for the future generations of the human race. There really should be a rule at every college that if you feel that Hello Kitty should be on your graduation cap when you are about to graduate, you forfeit your degree and have to begin your education from kindergarten again:

hello kitty graduation cap

Here is the explanation that came with the photo:

Recently my best friend and I graduated from college. We were both graduating from colleges in different states and we wanted to make sure that we were somehow experiencing graduation “together,” so we bedazzeled our graduation caps with Hello Kitty.

I’d like to say that we were the only people to do this at our graduations, but unfortunately there were kitties everywhere, on a lot of caps.

We did this with your website in mind because we love it so much and we are obsessed with Hello Kitty! Just because you’re graduating from college doesn’t mean you can’t love Hello Kitty!

Elizabeth – Cal State University, San Marcos (left)
Severina – University of North Texas (right)

I’m not sure what the worst part of this explanation is. It is certainly bad enough that they felt that the best way to celebrate graduation together was to put Hello Kitty on their graduation caps. It is far worse that there seems to be a terrible genetic defect in the young adult populations that makes far too many think Hello Kitty graduations caps are a good idea. Then there is the totally incomprehensible part about the idea being inspired by this blog (apparently it is asking far too much of Hello Kitty fanatics to actually read what I write…)

Of course, Sanrio has probably seen this and is now thinking, “Hello Kitty College! Brilliant!” and it won’t be long before you can graduate with a BA in Hello Kitty (my wife truly thinks this is a wonderful idea despite the sarcasm that was dripping in large globs from my words when saying it). Just one more thing to fear in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Elizabeth who should have to show this photo to every significant other she has (so that they have the chance to run…fast) as punishment for ever thinking that I would ever want to even comprehend that people would want to do something like this…

Update: Because Hello Kitty fanatics love nothing more than ruining graduation for everyone else:

hello kitty graduation cap

Sent in by Thu who wore this at her graduation with a Master’s degree from Chapman University, Orange, CA (I’m guessing the degree was either in terrorism or torture)

Update: Further proof that the next generation isn’t showing the intelligence we need to make the world a better place:

2011 hello Kitty graduation cap

Sent in by Anne

Hello Kitty college graduation cap

Sent in by Thu

graduation cap featuring Hello kitty

Sent in by Erin

23 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Graduation Cap”

  1. They are my best friends!!! They are both actually married and their husbands know the obsession! I too am obsessed with Hello Kitty and I actually found your blog and showed them when I was googling hello kitty laptop covers! πŸ˜‰ Keep on writing we love reading it!!!

  2. i just graduated with that girl! swear to god… i saw a hello kitty bedazzle job and thought about submitting it to you, guess she beat me to it.

  3. Maybe this is an American thing. At my university you got booted from the ceremony if you put anything unauthorised on your regalia, on the grounds that it diminished the dignity of convocation.

  4. In Scotland you normally hire the graduation gown and cap, so if you did this it would cost big time! Presuming you were actually let graduate at all, which is by no means guaranteed. Sending you back for a do-over from kindergarten level is most likely a good idea!

  5. That is undinified to bedazzle something on your graduation cap and inadvertantly advertise Sanrio on your graduation day….

  6. Ya…at my school we were absolutely forbidden to do anything to our caps and gowns or show up in anything weird.

  7. I love these girls! They rock! You can’t help but admit those bedazzled caps are awesome! Art at its finest. πŸ™‚

  8. To the long suffering Author of this Blog,

    You might want to add something next to the main title “Hello Kitty Hell”.

    Something that immediately says “We HATE Hello Kitty”.

    The Hordes might understand that part better.

  9. Holy crap was my school the only one they make you purchase those things… lol…

    But I wish I thought of that we were the biggest graduating class in 10 years and haven’t been beaten since 2003…. that might have helped my family find me in the crowd

  10. Those are really cute!! And well done! I’m graduating in about 2 weeks and started looking into cap decorations (I know sooo last minute!) I don’t think I’ll have enough time (and patience) to do this but it’s a great idea!
    *By the way, we have to buy our cap and gown. I wanted to rent but we only have to option to purchase for undergraduate.

  11. Whoever made this blog or whatever is a dumb ass.
    Who gives a crap if they decorated their caps. “Further proof that the next generation isn’t showing the intelligence we need to make the world a better place” GROW UP. You’re probably just a jealous dumb bitch. Who cares what other people do. Worry about yourself.

  12. Just because girls put hello kitty on their caps does not mean they are of lower intelligence. They might have a reason such as being able to be spotted from the crowd. I’ve been a fan of hello kitty since I was little. Just like boys have been fans of batman and still are as men. You’re poor judgement renders you ignorant. :] <3

  13. In hs in America, you rent your cap and gown. Most colleges/universities make you buy it. So you can bedazzle the hell out of it if you want.but if you move onto a Master/PhD, you had better be in love w Hello Kitty.


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