Hello Kitty Briefs

Living in Hello Kitty Hell ensures that there are plenty of mentally traumatic experiences that have to be survived on a regular basis. That being said, some of these are much more traumatic than others. The existence of Hello Kitty low rise underwear for men was one such instance and became even more traumatic when a variety of themed Hello Kitty underwear showed up at our door.

Now most people would see the above as proof that the evil feline had finally reached her limits. Of course, they would be wrong. Hello Kitty is always able to make something that one would assume could never get worse, oh so much more so. The Hello Kitty men’s skimpy briefs are further proof of this:

hello kitty manties

hello kitty manties blue

hello kitty manties white

According to their product description, these Hello Kitty men’s briefs are the following (their wording):

Low rise men’s briefs underwear. So sexy, so lovely, so cute! Make you so Shining!

I don’t even want to think what will happen when my wife sees that these are available because it will surely mean moving to further depths of Hello Kitty Hell…

Left in the comments by Clint Catalyst who should be forced to wear these every day for the rest of his life as punishment for ever thinking that letting me know about these could possibly result in anything positive…

33 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Briefs”

  1. HK looks like she’s got a secret *wink,wink,nudge,nudge* Seriously, I would only buy those for my hubby if they made his body look like that! DAAAANNNNGGGG!

  2. lol… clint is freakin’ hilarious! i’ve seen him rant about the evil feline (among other things) in a youtube video before. he actually referenced your site and the low rise underwear before he quipped “KEEP THE MOUTHLESS PUSSY AWAY FROM MY PETERIFICATION, PLEASE AND THANKS.”

    not to just make this post about him, though…i actually want to say that i think you’re a great writer. i know youre married so please don’t take this the wrong way: from your writing you seem like you’d be cute. Do you have any pix posted?? im intrigued 🙂

  3. Seriously, isn’t hello kitty supposed to be in 4th grade. She’s supposed to be a nine year old girl, and wouldn’t a man with a picture of a nine year old girl on his underpants generally be considered… freakin creepy?

  4. SEXXY
    oh hes so sexy
    but he know si luv him
    SEXXY bu t he knows i luv him!!!!
    -annieemo girl

    i wish my emo byotoy looked this good 4 sum resun

  5. lol omg that is carry it a little far . But the model is hot . My man would kill me lol if i bought them for him and it is creepy that they put cute lil kids cartoon on mens underwear

    I don’t want a shiny boyfriend!! Ew, Hello kitty manpants.
    Im sorry, girls, if you ike hello kitty, fine.
    If you force it on your boyfriends – not fine, but if hes still with you after that well, Your problem.
    Is just cruelty. Hello kitty is a female feminine icon. I can un derstand if girls wear hello kitty pants, but this should just never ever happen.

  7. would anybody tell me where to buy / order this underwear from? I live in south africa and order most underwear over the internet. Want to have Hello kitty Briefs underwear.


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