Hello Kitty Swimming Pool

Now even full size pools aren’t safe from the evil feline:

hello kitty swimming pool

Hello Kitty knows how to ruin a perfectly good summer…

Sent in by Jessie who has already punished herself far more than I could ever imagine doing by actually creating this pool…

Update: Did you really think that pools would only come in adult size?

hello kitty pool

Sent in by Mary

23 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Swimming Pool”

  1. I can’t even swim and I would have something like that, only I would fix Darling Danial’s hair. The hair kinda reminded me of Bart Simpson, something that might not fit with HK.

  2. aww i was kind of hoping for a HK shaped swimming pool, That would be cool! and Mr HKH, its cute how much you pretend not to like HK, but you must like her enough to spend so much time with this blog. your wife is lucky to have you. xxx

  3. Eh, like Cupcake said, it would of been cooler if the pool was actually shaped like HK. Though the design idea is pretty neat..

  4. @cupcake1108
    Co-sign 🙂

    I love the idea, but they kinda of ruined it by including DD. I’m sure the man who has to live with this pool pees in it in quiet definance.

  5. @almakos that would be freaken awesome if it did glow in the dark! Ok I actually like that it looks kewl but I would put a gatomon in there too just so hello kitty knows her place… and then I would put dark lights in so at night the images will glow!

  6. Omg… lol this is my pool, im so happy he posted it ..my husband is gunna laugh he said he didnt think he’d post it … thanks a million 😉


  7. Thankfully I have not been commissioned to build an inground pool with Hello Kitty motifs in the middle. It would probably be against my interests, but I still have to satisfy my customer’s orders. I definitely would think twice before swimming in such a pool.


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