Hello Kitty Luxury Water

One would assume that Hello Kitty had covered all the water options ( the Hello Kitty water dispenserHello Kitty regular bottled waterHello Kitty premium bottled waterHello Kitty body shaped mineral waterHello Kitty skin water), but that would be greatly underestimating her ability to find new markets. Apparently, she felt that she was missing the luxury water market:

hello kitty jewelry water

hello kitty water pink

The luxury bottled water comes in five colors which represent different themes: Red (friendship), Pink (cute), yellow (heartful), green (wish) and lavender (sweet). You can buy all five for $500 or individually at $100 a pop (seriously). I guess that it is appropriate that when the heat in Hello Kitty Hell increases, the evil feline graciously provides $100 bottles of water to help put out the fire she has created…

Sent in by becky who should have to buy and drink these on a daily basis (before paying for any other expenses she has) as punishment for ever thinking it would be a good idea to let me wife know about these.

19 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Luxury Water”

  1. That is an impressive bottle and would be gift worthy to a hell kitty lover…

    In reality tho its insane

  2. All five bottles doesn’t run you $600. It’s actually just under $700.

    Here’s the currency converter: //www.xe.com/ucc/convert.cgi?Amount=52500&From=JPY&To=USD

    Cost for all 5 bottles: 52,500 JPY. ($613.94)
    You can put your name on the back for an additional 2,100 JPY ($24.50) per bottle.

    Cost per single bottle: 10,500 JPY ($122.75)

    Free shipping anywhere in Japan since its over 15,750 JPY

    I cant find shipping outside Japan anywhere.

  3. 100 bucks for water? That water better be laced with LSD or some kind of wonder drug! The bottles are nice, and elegant, however, 100 bucks really isn’t worth clued on rhinestones and plastic crystals.

  4. This is insane! Hello Kitty has certainly taken the ridiculous idea of selling luxury water to new heights. It must take either a very rich fan or a crazy fan to want to buy that drink.

  5. Lol this post is absolutely hilarious! I might have to order some of this hello kitty water now.
    if it is hello kitty, it probably is luxury! Mmmm. I have their bags, merchandise, everything! I am a bit of a fanatic myself so i might have to get some, it has got me a bit excited.

    Where can i buy this water? I am gonna order some right now! I know the price is pretty steep but i think i might have to try it out. Which color do you recommend? Will they taste different to each other, or will they all taste the same.
    I mean, it’s hello kitty at the end of the day, i would love to sip on that luxury water


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