Hello Kitty Biker Girl

You probably believe that when the end of the world arrives, things are going to get bad. What you don’t realise is just how bad that may be. I have no doubt this is exactly what you will see staring at you — and you will instantly know that there is no hope.

hello kitty biker girl

There isn’t much that could make one wish for a zombie attack, but all of a sudden an earth full of zombies seems mild by comparison. Of course, if there were a zombie attack, Hello Kitty would make sure that she was also a part of that. Just one more reminder that in the end, we will all be suffering in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Thomas

21 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Biker Girl”

  1. She’s beautiful! Are you sure we are going to Hello Kitty Hell or is it Hello Kitty Heaven? I can’t really tell the difference! <3

  2. Fotochop out the ONE repeat ONE HK decal on the bike and the one in the background, and we’ve got a shot from a live-action adaption of a manga here, haven’t we.

  3. Ummm k… Other than the poster and one decal, I really don’t thinks this qualifies her as some HK biker chick. You can do better Mr. HKH!

  4. Will they have access to that kind of makeup in the apocalypse? That’s something that’s always bugged me in those sorts of movies… Freaky piercings I get get, but where do you get the neon makeup?

  5. I was just watching “Kamikaze Girls” (UK title; US and Japanese titles may vary) last night, and sort of thought of this picture, even though the film has no HK placement in it.

  6. I think she is awsome & i would love to be in contact with her. This completly made my day.
    I’m a juggalette that is also in love with zombies and hello kitty. I work for a haunted house and facepaint and costumes are my life.

  7. A juggalette that is in love with hello kitty.

    I’m sorry this drew my attention completely away from the photo of the asian chick dressed in a camo bodice… Are we aware of what a Juggalette is? O.o


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