Hello Kitty Waffle

When you live in Hello Kitty Hell, it is always extremely frightening to actually get up and walk to the table for breakfast. This is because you could very well wake up to something like Hello Kitty waffles which pretty much guarantees massive amounts of traumatic stress the rest of the day:

hello kitty waffle

hello kitty waffle maker

hello kitty waffle meal

Sent in by Ida

19 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Waffle”

  1. YUMMM!! 🙂 at least you can maul hello kitty and add “blood effects” with strawberry syrup. Or tremble in her complete and utter cuteness <3

  2. how cute! I have a different hello kitty waffle maker which makes waffles in the shape of hello kittys head but this one is just as cute

  3. @ Gail, it looks undercooked and greasy somehow. Now whether that’s the batter, the waffle-maker or the cook I can’t say from this sample size, but given Sanrio’s usual track record on product quality…

  4. Mmmm! I also have a HK waffle maker, but it’s an electric unit that makes mini HK waffles. I like mine better b/c it’s shaped like HK’s head and I happliy display it in my kitchen. I use it often and I love it! The place setting is super cute too!

  5. Eat the waffle Mr. HKH and the Kitty will be in you forever.
    Anyway this is kittized food I can sink my teeth into with real male syrup. Food shaped Hello Kitty creeps me out; I do not want to eat Hello Kitty in bodily form.


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