Hello Kitty Halloween Cupcakes

All I can say is that I’ll be damn glad when Halloween is over…

hello kitty Halloween cupcake

hello kitty Halloween cupcakes

Sent in by Ray (via Little Sweeties Cupcakes)

Update A new year, but more hideous Hello Kitty Halloween cupcakes:

Halloween cupcakes featuring Hello Kitty

Sent in by kylla

16 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Halloween Cupcakes”

  1. I cannot tell a lie. As much as I enjoy this blog and such. Hello Kitty is pretty much the cutest non-living thing ever. Stupid freaking cat.

  2. I definately have to agree with Mr. HKH here…..this year’s HK cupcakes are hidious….. The green zombie-Kitty’s were MUUUCCCHHH better.


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