Hello Kitty Dissection

Most people put Hello Kitty and Halloween together to create some of the most awful combinations possible, but every once in awhile someone comes up with a quality idea on how to treat the evil feline at the end of October. Jason Freeny (of Hello Kitty anatomy fame) decided that Halloween 2010 should be dedicated to the dissection of the official Balzac Hello Kitty Skeleton Costume vinyl figure:

hello kitty dissected

Now, I certainly would have enjoyed seeing a whole lot more blood and guts (and screams certifying that the dissection was done while Hello Kitty was still alive), but I will still approve of cutting Hello Kitty into pieces as an excellent way to celebrate the 31st of October. Does this mean that Hello Kitty is officially dead?

Sent in by Jason Freeny also found on facebook.

16 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Dissection”

  1. This is somewhat creepy and cool at the same time, but everytime we see HK’s anatomy, she always has teeth but no mouth to speak out of. But then again, she’s a cat, so she’d have to have fangs…

  2. I legitimately want this. Really. I am a girl and Asian, so by default I have some affinity towards Hello Kitty, I am also an anatomy geek. Please tell me where / how I can purchase this. Please =)

  3. Asking him where you can get stuff. He utterly hates it and I totally agree. We’re trying to steam the flow of this evil kitty, not increase her reach!

  4. @ Krystle. This is a one off sculpture made by Jason Freeny. Check him out on Facebook, and I was the lucky girl who put my hand up first to buy her. He has some cool Hello Kitty anatomy prints for sale on his website.

  5. if u look she does too have a mouth and no Hello Kitty is not evel dont listen to them 😀 if u think shes evil im right ur wrong got it end of story!


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