Hello Kitty Fetus

Because there is absolutely nothing that the evil feline believes can’t be Hello Kittified, you have things like the Hello Kitty uterus plush, the Hello Kitty bondage room, the Hello Kitty retainer and Hello Kitty motor oil (it’s quite sad that I could go on and on with this list). Suffice to say, Hello Kitty once again shows us that she is willing to make anything in her image to make a buck — including the Hello Kitty fetus:

hello kitty fetus

hello kitty fetus in jar

I’m actually scared to imagine where the people at Sanrio are planning to go from here…

Sent in by Jason Freeny via his facebook page

Update: Apparently, HK fans didn’t think that one Hello Kitty fetus was enough:

hello kitty fetus

Sent in by Lexi

54 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Fetus

  1. That’s just… so wrong. I actually like HK to some degree, but… geeze. That’s almost as bad as the twatlight fanatic who made a felt version of Bella’s womb.

    Also, on a side note, I know I’ll never find out, but I can’t help but be curious about WHY you put up with some of this stuff… I mean, I get putting up with the houseful of HK stuff, but to put up with it being inflicted upon your person, like with those underwear…

  2. you guys grow up. this isn’t even something for sale. it’s a project done by an artist. before this, he made a teddy bear fetus. you can even find his work on DeviantArt if you don’t believe me.

  3. How bad is it that I think that the thing is semi-cute? Like, are we talking smile-and-nod-and-maybe-she’ll-go-away bad, or even-your-wife-would-call-the-cops bad? And Kendermouse, I love Twilight to a call-the-mental-institution point, but even I think that’s… wrong.

  4. What strikes me as the weirdest thing about the fetus is that it has a bow on its head. Are Hello Kitties born with bows on their heads? Is it a part of their body rather than an accessory?

  5. Though it is rather creepy and gross, it is someone’s art. I do not feel it is my place to critique it. I think they did a good job making it and they clearly had something to express. It is a unique piece that I would probably want just for the hell of it. πŸ˜‰

  6. Leanan, if are can’t be critiqued, it is meaningless. If it can’t be understood by “ordinary people” rather than just members of a “stylistic arts mafia” then it’s not art by intelectual [email protected]$terbation.

  7. Ok Sabree; my point was that your opinion is as valid as anyone else’s, as long as it’s not some piece of “conceptual art” that is “art” because some “artist” (meaning someone who’d been to art school”) says i is, rather than because there was some actual skill used in creating the piece and thought put into making an accessible representation of the artists thoughts.

    I mean I don’t like this, but I can see what the artist was thinking (contrast, with, say, Tracey Emin’s “Bed”). If you’ve never seen this “work”, have a Google.

    Whoa boy, way serious stuff for this time in the morning, and for this blog!

  8. I was simply saying that we should have something positive to say about it if we are going to say something negative. I.E- It is a tad bit strange but you can tell they worked hard on it πŸ˜€

    I personally think the piece is pretty interesting.

  9. How artistic and unique! I think its’s facsinating.
    It doesnt have to always be so complicated. Simplicity is sometimes better. :]

  10. Sabree, I’ve got your drift, and I agree, except that I think that craft skills (be they painting, carving/sculpting, welding or whatever) are a given with real art as distinct from “conceptual art” (qv #22). So if I’ve nothing positive to say beyond that it is well-sculpted I don’t really feel that I have anything positive to say, because that should be a default.

    In this case, having had a few days to think about this piece off and on, I think it’s an interesting and whimsical concept, but my first gut reaction is still up there at #15.

  11. I think it’s cute! but it’s definately not official. Probably just an art project, just like the cocaine straw is obviously not official and just ‘home made’ πŸ˜›

  12. im preggos and i think this is awesome, i would love this just for the hell of it
    whats so gross about it? i dont get it.
    i think its kinda cute!

  13. By the way, I’d love to see darlene comment on how this artwork contributes to womanhood or some happy go lucky stuff… but since we don’t see her comment, maybe she doesn’t approve either?

  14. “I’m actually scared to imagine where the people at Sanrio are planning to go from here…”

    I have a feeling this is NOT Sanrio endorsed. Just sayin’.

  15. I love this! Anyone disgusted by the miracle of life seriously is self-ignorant, considering we all looked this way once. I believe the artist used this as a symbol of Hello-Kitty’s birth into society being a celebrated thing.

  16. Also the artist is not in any way associated with Sanrio or the creator of HK. It’s a sculpture made by an artist named Jason Freeny.

  17. I think this is a very artistic piece and would love to have it to go along with the rest of my Hello Kitty collection, I liked it so much that my husband is in the process of making me one.

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