Hello Kitty Super Hero Tattoo

First it was the evil feline wanting to be other super heroes like Hello Kitty Superman, then she believed that she should be a super hero in her own right to the point that she had a Hello Kitty super hero plush made of herself. So was there really any doubt that someone would eventually (and foolishly) believe that a Hello Kitty super hero tattoo would be a good idea?

hello kitty super hero tattoo

While I still have no idea why any person would want to brand themselves with such hideousness, Hello Kitty tattoos do serve a valuable public service — you know instantaneously who to avoid like the plague when it comes to choosing a partner so that you can avoid your own Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Stacey

12 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Super Hero Tattoo”

  1. This tattoo isn’t too bad. I’m dying to get my own HK tattoo but haven’t found anyone in my area who actually specializes in HK. Can anyone reccommend someone who at least knows how to properly draw her exact perportions? I’d be willing to make a trip anywhere in the USA for the right artist.


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