Hello Kitty Spock Tattoo

It sucks to be a Star Trek fan if there is a Hello Kitty fanatic in the vicinity. If you have to ask why, then obviously you haven’t seen the abominations such as the Hello Kitty Klingon, the Hello Kitty Captain Kirk and the Hello Kitty Spock. And we all know that Hello Kitty fanatics can’t resist terrible Hello Kitty tattoo combinations, so it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that some delusional fan thought that getting a Hello Kitty Spock tattoo would actually be a good idea:

hello kitty spock tattoo

The irony. Leave it to Hello Kitty fan to combine one of the most logical characters in TV history with the evil feline to come up with something that makes absolutely no sense…

Sent in by Dana

12 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Spock Tattoo”

  1. Personally i don’t like Star Trek but I actually think this tattoo is very well done. Hello kitty looks cute as anything!

    HK tattoos all the way!

  2. I’ am terribly annoyed by the whole hello-kitty-hannah-montana-let’s-all-deny-reality thing…but this is actually kind of cool 🙂
    but maybe I’m not being objective here since I love Mr.Spock in ways only Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory could understand 🙂
    If I could find a figurine or something of this, I might consider buying it.

    By the way, great blog!


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