Hello Kitty Chandelier

It is already well established that Hello Kitty wants us to all eventually live in a Hello Kitty house, and she is (unfortunately) making sure that the house has absolutely every accessory that one could imagine — a Hello Kitty home bar, Hello Kitty wall displays and far too many Hello Kitty appliances to mention. Add to these the Hello Kitty chandelier:

hello kitty chandelier pink

hello kitty chandelier

Seriously folks, if you walk into a house and see one of these hanging from the ceiling, realise that you are most certainly about to be introduced to unthinkable Hello Kitty torture by the evil feline that’s far beyond anything that you have ever imagined…

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More torture:

Hello Kitty pink chandelier

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18 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Chandelier”

  1. Wow! I think this is beautiful! It’s elegant looking and i like the “octopus” ends. It’s obviously adding to this sea-like theme. I just like the whole entire ceiling!

  2. @ Liz and Catbunny – You are both so right that any other comment from me would be tautology!

    Ever hear of a webtoon called “The (Mis)adventure of Hello Cthulhu”?

  3. Hello Kitty acknowledges no equals. Hello Kitty has kicked Cthulhu’s tentacled butt and dines daily on Cthuhlu sashimi sprinkled with crushed wasabi lollipops.

  4. @Msyendor

    I definitely got the Cthulhu feel from it, but I like to think that HK was bested by our almighty and powerful Cthulhu. The tentacles are really sucking HK’s brain juice until she’s nothing more but a squishy head. 😀

    I’d totally buy one.

  5. this IS Adam Wallacavage!

    It was for Sanrio show, its a mashup of the artists personal work and Hello Kitty.


  6. No not digging this at all. I don’t want to look at my ceiling and feel like I’m going to be tentacle-raped later. For the aristocrat tentacle hentai lover.


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