Hello Kitty Grill

You knew it was simply a matter of time. With Hello Kitty retainers and Hello Kitty braces was there ever really any doubt? I even mentioned it when the Hello Kitty tooth came to my attention that it it was inevitable that at some point there would be a Hello Kitty grill:

hello kitty grill

It’s hard to imagine anything much worse than having Hello Kitty flash in gold right in front of your face every time your significant other smiles, but having lived in Hello Kitty Hell as long as I have, I’m sure the evil feline will create something that will prove me oh so wrong…

Left by 5etrhfg in the comments (via half ass backwards)

19 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Grill”

  1. Damn, that looks awful! Apart from the fact I don’t quite get the whole Hello Kitty-fanatism, why would anybody wear something like this?!

  2. @Acton – Something to do with how you can only see the upper R&L 1..4, all of which point away from each other?

    Generally, this is giving me the creeps!


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