Hello Kitty Ear Muffs

The problem with living in Hello Kitty Hell is that there isn’t a season that is safe. The Hello Kitty bikini ensures that I have absolutely no desire for summer to arrive, but then things like Hello Kitty ear muffs (almost as bad as the Hello Kitty hat and mittens) get sent to me and it’s obvious that it’s high time for winter to be over:

hello kitty ear muff girl

hello kitty ear muffs

The problem, of course, is that when a Hello Kitty fanatic wears something like this, they immediately want to go outside and build a Hello Kitty snowman, go Hello Kitty snowboarding or do Hello Kitty something which will undoubtedly result in a mind numbing Hello Kitty Hellish situation with absolutely no escape…

Sent in by Michela

10 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Ear Muffs”

  1. These look like DIY. Mine are official Sanrio muffs! =) Surprisingly to me, they keep my ears warmer than any other earmuffs I’ve ever worn.

  2. These are definitely DIY earmuffs. There is no hello kitty store for about 1000 kms, so gotta do without the real deal. I could get a hello kitty visa card and order online, but that would result in me being totally broke!

  3. I have actual Hello Kitty earmuffs that I got YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARS ago. This girl’s earmuffs are fan-made.

    Anyways, haha, now I wouldn’t dare wear my Hello Kitty earmuffs out in public unless I’m going to a Hello Kitty/Sanrio celebration. When I was younger I was crazy and wore it a lot.

    And yes, there is no escaping the kitty! so don’t even try! She will hunt you down and shove candy down your throat!

  4. No offence 2 whoeva made that but its deffinitely DIY and it looks terrible I preffer official HK items I would rather die than wear those DIY earmuffs but I would love to get a pair of real official Sanrio HK earmuffs so if anyone has any information on where to get them and how much it will cost me


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