Hello Kitty Tights

Obviously, there are far too many Hello Kitty fanatic moms out there with have the sole purpose in their life being to permanently scar their child. There is no other explanation for something like Hello Kitty knitted tights to exist:

Hello Kitty knitted tights

Sent in by far too many readers (via etsy)

25 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Tights”

  1. Why are you complaining? With these tights you get to sit on the devil cat’s face. That’s a good thing.

    It’s almost as good as the HK toilet paper.

  2. why does everything have to be sexual to you people stop having your head in the gutter sickos
    I think its really cute.

  3. So you hate kids too? That’s not surprising! What kind of man hates Hello Kitty and kids? One that would make a stupid blog like this!

    And what is wrong with you thinking that moms would ever do something to harm their kids? The most loving thing a mom can do is introduce Hello Kitty to her babies!! We want them to know Hello Kitty as much as we do so they will always have love and happiness in their hearts.

    Leave raising kids to the mothers who know what is best since you have no idea what you’re talking about!

    • I’m a woman and I dislike kids. I find them annoying and bratty and most women do raise their kids incorrectly in this day and age which is why I think anyone who does not have the financial means, mental stability, and a responsible mind should not have any children. Which is a tiny percent of America. How sad. Moving on.

      To point out another thing, the blog creator never stated hatred toward children. I have NO idea where you’re getting this from. Your irrationality is ridiculous as this whole blog is satire. If you cannot understand that I would suggest unsubscribing.

  4. I totally see Darlene suffocating you with a hello kitty doll screaming “LOVE HER! BECAUSE SHE LOVES YOU TOO!!!!!!!”

    back to the picture! I would love it if when the toddler sat down it would go squeak! soooo cute! > u <

  5. This is so incredibly cute! I love how the shoes match as well.

    BTW, there are tons of baby clothes that have images and writing on the butt.

  6. This is really cute! Honestly, what’s the difference btwn HK and ducks, bears, and other animals that are typically found on toddler clothing? At least this is age appropriate, as opposed to some of the questionable clothing that’s marketed to the toddler group. I’m not sure if these are a DIY, but if they are, then this is by far one of the best I’ve ever seen.

  7. Darlene, he never said he hated kids. That’s all blind hateful conjecture on your part and doesn’t hold up.

    As for me, I wouldn’t be comfortable giving any future child something with “face-butt”. Because that was my first thought, and it kind of weirds me out.

    The front and stripes are cute though!

  8. this goes along with something I’ve already stated. Dressing a child in cute little “pants” “tights” “longies” etc. with a kitty cat on them, is no different from placing the much more recognizable face of Hello Kitty there. It would be much more horrific if the person wearing these …was an adult.

    To those people who seem to have the automatic thought of perverseness when they glimpse a picture of a toddler in pants that have items on the rump…that is sickening. It isn’t that you believe that others might think this, but that you already have. That’s a very disturbing thought, to be quite blunt about this.

    Darlene….I am very concerned for your mental welfare. Not only do you seem to think that Hello Kitty is some sort of God like figure, but you apparently worship the thing to the point of suffocating your children with the very thought of a fictional character that seems to pour love, buttercups, rainbows, and butterflies from every orifice. I’m slightly frightened by the picture of you and any child in any vicinity of your being. Within arms length would down right horrify me, but even close enough for the child to hear you would be a desperate mistake on the parents part…

    That being said, I’m not entirely convinced of the reality of this Darlene character. On the one hand, I’ve known plenty of people obsessed with plenty of weird things to make this believable enough. On the other hand, there is no way in hell this person literally believes that Hello Kitty is so God like that the mere act of dressing your child in pants that depict this cartoon character will end word hunger and hatred altogether. O.o

  9. At first I thought a creepy man was wearing these? x0 But reading through the comments….>.> ha….Thats’s a baby? :3 cute style for a little one. eh? (:

  10. In two words FREAKING CUTE…..omgosh I have all grown children but can’t wait to have grandkids to start the HELLO KITTY MANIA all over again…LOVE LOVE those lil baby butts w the cutest Hello Kitty Tights….ADORABLE!!!!!!!

  11. JUST ADORABLE!!! LOVE THESE! I’M GIVING MY DAUGHTER A HELLO KITTY PARTY SOON!!! HAHAHA!!!! get over it! She’s cute, she’s adorable and she’s here to stay!!!!


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