Hello Kitty Loves Butthead Pipe

It is a well known fact that Hello Kitty enjoys her drugs (not to mention drug lords). Whether it is Hello Kitty cocaine, Hello Kitty acid or Hello Kitty marijuana, we now know what Hello Kitty enjoys doing when she is taking these drugs with this little memento left on a Hello Kitty pipe — getting it on with Butt Head from Beavis and Butthead:

Hello Kitty Beavis and Butthead pipe

While it may just be me, I think this is perfectly fitting punishment for all the Hello Kitty Hell the evil feline has put me through…

Sent in by Gilles (via Museum Of Kitsch)

21 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Loves Butthead Pipe”

  1. Well this is very uhm…creative..?

    I’m really not a fan of Beavis and Butthead and this HK pipe isn’t even pretty without Butthead.

    Too bad, I try to be on the lookout of cute HK bowls.

  2. What is wrong with you?! You are more of a sick weirdo than I thought you were. Hello Kitty is getting raped and you are making fun of it. Only a real sicko would ever blog about this!!

    And Hello Kitty doesn’t promote drugs! Why do you always lie about these things? Because you know that Hello Kitty is all about love and happiness and you just can’t stand that when you look at your pathetic life. You are a sicko and a liar and everyone can see that, so stop it already!

    Hello Kitty will get her revenge for you doing this to her. Beware!

  3. The guy must be on dope to come up with such a twisted item.

    May you bee locked in a Hello Kitty bondage room with a hello kitty hillbilly and be made to squeal like a pig for thinking this would be a fitting idea.

  4. @Darlene: What makes you think this is rape? Or even sexual? I choose to see it in this manner:

    HK was tired of the world because people only wanted to see her as a cutesy cute person, ignoring her inner pain. Her previous attempts to break free of her typecasting weren’t well received. After smoking a liberal amount of an illicit substance, HK decided to end her life by jumping off of the roof of her house. Luckily Butthead was showering close by and saw her getting ready to jump as he was looking out of his bathroom window. Knowing time was of the essence, he ran out of the house without putting on any clothes, catching HK in his arms just in time.

    In honor of his noble act, HK had the moment immortalized upon her pipe so she could always remember this deed when she lit up. Unfortunately soon after the courts got wind of this and she was sent to a “mental health spa” in order to detox and become right with the world again, so she didn’t get the chance to use it.

    This detox was short lived as HK later relapsed and stole a necklace worth $2500. Her court date has yet to be set.

    (Hey, if you can post nonsense, so I can I.)

  5. I think I’ve figured out who darlene’s “everyone” is! It’s what she calls the voices in her head when she takes her tinfoil hat off! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. This is gross and I can’t stand it. Anything having to do with sexual images and/or sexual aids or drug use mixed with HK’s likeness in any way is just plain wrong! This left me feeling very disturbed ๐Ÿ™

  7. ‘Hello Kitty will get her revenge for you doing this to her. Beware!’ isn’t a very darlene thing to say is it? It’s obviously the work of a troll.

  8. I enjoy reading this blog from time to time but this is just wrong. Hello Kitty does not promote drugs, and hate to see anything sexual associated with a children’s character. This is just wrong.

  9. Darlene, Hello Kitty is all about love and kindness, remember?! Isn’t that what you’re always saying in your posts?! Why the revenge, why???

    Anyway, I have to say this is messed up, and totally a DIY. It’s just too out there, even for Sanrio, not to mention gross.

    Hey, shouldn’t this be marked NSFW?

  10. everybody needs to shut the hell up bout my bff hello kitty.she aint did notin to no body..she aint a slut shes a dam virgin.she just want to be a friend to everybody!

  11. That’s just wrong I’m 11 and I only read this blog because I see the pics of Hello Kitty but this is disturbing aaahh u will get punished for this and I like darlene just the way she is shell make a very good mother 2 a Hello Kitty fanatic! And whoeva says she’s a troll is 1 themselves but they hiding it and puttin the blame on others its not fair!


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