Hello Kitty Gingerbread Raisin Cookies

The biggest problem with posting any type of food on this blog (such as yesterday’s Hello Kitty pretzels) is that Hello Kitty fanatics feel it’s somehow their duty in life to send me more Hello Kitty food atrocities. Thus I have things like Hello Kitty gingerbread raisin cookies show up to ensure that I continue to live in Hello Kitty Hell and fear every type of food out there.

Hello Kitty gingerbread alien cookies

I must admit as far as cookies go, raisins seem to do a pretty decent job of showing the evil feline in her true light as some type of demonic space alien that we all know she secretly is…

Sent in by @PazzaArchitect via twitter

8 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Gingerbread Raisin Cookies”

  1. At least these look better than those HK pretzel that were featured yesterday…. Oh and I LIKE raisins 🙂


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