Hello Kitty Pretzel

If you live in Hello Kitty Hell, you quickly learn that it is never a good idea to mention Hello Kitty and a food product in the same sentence. If you do, the result is often quite unfortunate and you end up with things like Hello Kitty pretzels in front of you:

Hello Kitty sweet and salty pretzels

Sent in by Jeni (via craftster)

10 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Pretzel”

  1. As Miss Take says above, these remind me strongly of Edvard Munche’s famous (series of) picture(s) “The Scream”, rather than anything particularly HK (well except the red hair bow).

  2. This is so wrong. These pretzels look really creepy, unappetizing, and inedible to boot. I love HK and all, but honestly, there are just some things that shouldn’t ever be made to look like HK.


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