Hello Kitty Hermit Crab

It doesn’t take a huge leap of faith to figure out that if you lived an especially disgraceful previous life, chances are that you returned to earth as a pet of a Hello Kitty fanatic as punishment. Although I can’t imagine what type of evilness could constitute such a horrendous punishment, what Hello Kitty fanatics do to their poor pets is proof that their crimes must have been immense.

One would have thought this retribution was limited to those coming back as cats and dogs, although the fact that some poor bees got thrown into the mix (forcing them to kill themselves to escape the pain) should have been a hint that no animal was safe. The Hello Kitty hermit crab is more evidence to this fact:

Hermit crab with Hello Kitty shell

As you can plainly see from the photo, this hermit crab also can’t imagine what his previous crimes could have been to warrant such humiliation. What can you do when you are so ashamed that you simply want to crawl back into your house and disappear, but you can’t because that house is decked out with Hello Kitty which is causing the shame in the first place? Welcome to yet another perfect example of Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Julie

8 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Hermit Crab”

  1. Little kids do this sort of stuff all the time, so this doesn’t faze me in the least. And what the little hermit crab doesn’t know won’t hurt him, lol…..

  2. Wow,just more HK junk.Poor crab,it will die when it outgrows it sheell.Oh no wtf!!!!THE BASTARDS PAINTED HK ON MEH!!!!!!MY LIFE IS OVEEEEEEEER!!


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