Hello Kitty by Swarovski

There are some things in life that when I see, I give thanks that I was somehow spared from the Hello Kitty Hellishness. That is exactly how I feel about this recent Hello Kitty by Swarovski event in Japan (prepare for 5 minutes of sickening sweetness if you dare to watch this video — I highly recommend you use common sense and don’t as this will save your mind from losing several IQ points)

Hello Kitty Swarovski collection poster

Going out to an event is supposed to be fun, not cause excruciating pain and leave you scarred for life. I guess that the only upside of the Hello Kitty Swarovski combo is that you at least have a fighting chance to use the Swarovski crystals to slit your wrists and put yourself out of the agony you would surely be experiencing…

Sent in by Sheila

10 thoughts on “Hello Kitty by Swarovski”

  1. I am perversely entertained by this. I do not like hello kitty, but being a female, I like shiny things. This pleases me in a disturbing way.

  2. I have to thank you for posting this! If you hadn’t, I wouldn’t have realized what I was missing out on! Now that I have been exposed to these little goodies I can’t move on without buying a piece of jewelery!!! I can’t decide whether to buy the bangle or pink bow necklace…both are soooo cute…Anyway the main idea of this was to let you know that because of you I can continue to torture my family with even more hello kitty! Thank you for keeping this blog up and running! <3

  3. Some of the peices in the collection were really pretty. I think I could even convert some of the slightly larger peices into Christmas ornaments for my tree! I’ve done that with a few items already and they wind up looking so much nicer than the cheapo ones Sanrio puts out every year.

  4. Nice.. I liked that clutch bag, really gorgeous! I think I gotta run to the Swarovski shop in the outlet mall near my city before they’re sold out!! LOL But it looks expensive though.. 🙁

  5. How many times do we have to tell the boys to stop wearing the bows on their heads, they’re meant for necks!!!!

    And if you couldn’t tell from the Globe scene… she’s takin’ over!!!!!
    Hello Kitty for Prez!!!


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