Hello Kitty Dog's World

While I don’t believe that anyone actually lives more of a Hello Kitty Hellish life than myself, I really do feel for the pet owners of Hello Kitty fanatics. Especially dogs who must have done some pretty horrific things in their past life to have been dealt such a humiliating hand in this one. Here is yet another prime example of what those poor dogs must endure:

Hello Kitty sleeping mask on dog

When you hear about those dogs that go around destroying houses by chewing on anything and everything within the house, you can be pretty sure that the cause of it was the pet owner doing something like this to it…

Sent in by Pennies

Update: More dogs suffering in Hello Kitty Hell…

Hello Kitty pug dog

hello kitty dog with plush on head

11 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Dog's World”

  1. So cute! Your site has my Hello Kitty obsession going full blast! And today I found that Sears has a ton of items to feed my hunger! 🙂 I just bought a white Hello Kitty robe, the ear buds, and 2 pairs of panties with her bow done in sequins! Since I have found Hello Kitty Hell its been fun to try and locate some items you list. So try and keep where to buy them a big mystery, it makes the conquest all the more intriguing! xo

  2. Odds are that house is infested with a Hello Kitty Hell of a lot more HK junk than that. At least the dog is thus spared the sight of it.

  3. thanks so much, your blog always makes me laugh! and poor doggies. here in my country i.e. Poland all these HK stuff is not such popular, but simply for that reason we’re not rich society and hardly anyone would spend money on such a crap which is not needed so necessarily. I mean all of these gadgets, thats just so useless… a bit funny, but still.


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