Hello Kitty Eating Disorder

We all know that Hello Kitty claims to be a wonderful role model (and how could we ever dispute that with all the Hello Kitty weapons, Hello Kitty alcohol and Hello Kitty scarification she so generously promotes to lead all toward the good life). Now we have further proof of Hello Kitty’s goodness and role model worthiness as she tries to help girls look their best: I present the Hello Kitty bulimic:

hello kitty bulimia

I must admit that this is one of the most attractive shots of the evil feline that I’ve seen in quite some time 😉

Sent in by HKGuy (via Damn Tees)

23 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Eating Disorder”

  1. Whoever made this picture I have five words for you:Hello Kitty has no mouth!this picture is made up and its hurts your eyes cause of the stupid backround.I’m eleven and you’re doing this infront of my eyes!?you’re absolutely disgusting and disgracefull

  2. oh bla blah blah “I must admit that this is one of the most attractive shots of the evil feline that I’ve seen in quite some time ” hes not evil god damn

  3. Really? Why? I have a 5 year old major Hello Kitty fan and the last thing I need her to see is this crap. I and other parents out there don’t want our girls thinking that because a freaking cartoon character has an eating disorder that she needs to as well. Do you have no shame? I hope that you idiots have daughters that are ashamed to be called that. Someone needs to smack some sense into you.

    • Seriously, your 5-year old shouldn’t even BE on this website. Secondly, get a grip and a reality check. It’s a parody site. Get off of it if you can’t deal. Hello Kitty Hell is not for the humorless OR the politically correct–OR five year olds. Not everything on the internet is for children–nor SHOULD it be–or their disgruntled parents. This site doesn’t cater to you or your child–sorry. Too bad if you think that everyone should be watching out for your kid–that’s your job. Which includes not allowing her to view this site if it’s disturbing to you. This is not a place for you or her. Someone needs to smack a sense of humor into YOU.

    • P.S. If your 5-year old thinks she needs to have an eating disorder at that age–for any reason, you’ve got bigger problems than Hello Kitty, hon.


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