Hello Kitty Paper Clips

I should know by now never to ask my wife for something, no matter how innocent that request may seem, because the request will undoubtedly result in Hello Kitty somehow invading my life (like the Hello Kitty paper shredder). Take, for example, what happened when I temporarily lost my senses and I asked my wife for a paper clip. One would assume that this request for a mundane office supply would hold no danger whatsoever, but that assumption fails to take into account that nothing is safe when it comes to Hello Kitty. So instead of something practical that I could use to hold my papers together, I instead received something that had grotesquely morphed into a Hello Kitty paper clip:

kawaii Hello Kitty paper clip office supply

cute paper clips in the shape of Hello Kitty face

While having to deal with Hello Kitty paper clips may not at first appear to be all that bad, they’re just another addition to the sheer volume of terribly annoying crap which she produces that inevitably overwhelms any sane person. Unfortunately, when you finally comprehend this all too hideous fact applies to your own situation, you have already been thrown into the inescapable depths of Hello Kitty Hell…

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