Hello Kitty Prius

I knew that I would probably regret putting together a photo album of all the different Hello Kitty cars that exist, and it sure didn’t take long for the regret to arrive in my email. No sooner had Sammy Bear on facebook asked the question, “Out of all the cars so far…where is a Prius? just saying” did this a Hello Kitty Prius photo show up (like anyone would doubt that a Hello Kitty Toyota Prius existed…)

Hello Kitty Toyota Prius hybrid car

Then there’s this video showing how to destroy a Prius bt covering it with the evil feline:

I’m now frightened to even think about what other Hello Kittified cars fanatics have thoroughly ruined may exist out there on the roads waiting to terrorize me…

Video sent in by Ryan, photo sent in by kaybeth (via asian shopping cart”)

7 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Prius”

  1. I’ve seen a Hello Kitty Smart car in my neighborhood. Too bad I don’t have pictures. It’s really cute. You’d have to do something with that little bitty car.

  2. This combines 2 of my least favourite things: greenwash (outside of traffic moving slower than 20mph my last-gen VAG diesel gets better mileage than a Toyota Pious does), and Sanrio age-inappropriate marketting.

    @Acton, I’ve no intention of wasting 7 minutes of my life (includes download time) on watching the video but the “cover still” looks like the car is “murdered out”, which is a genuine trend in car modification. You don’t have to like it; just so you know it’s like that deliberately.

  3. I’ve seen some awesome HK modifications to cars over the yrs, maybe someday I’ll do one too. This one is nice, but I’ve seen better…

  4. omg…thats dang cute….Hello Kitty white car…for all you HATERS out ther that can’t afford to customize your car…get a life….think of all the attention you would get riding down the freeway and that ADORABLE vechicle….all you would need is a personnal license plate that reads “MEOW”

  5. Ok the white one is cute but the video was pathetic. I’ve done up both of my prius’ with hello kitty. Never did I ruin the paint. There is no reason to. Both of my Prius blow those out of the water! Want pics? Email me


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