Hello Kitty Dentures

As you all well know, I don’t get Hello Kitty. It isn’t just some parts of it — I don’t get any of it. That being said, there are certain areas that I don’t get a lot more than others. For example, I have absolutely no idea why an cat with no mouth has such an oral fixation. Not just any oral fixation, either. In typical Hello Kitty fashion, the oral fixation is with the most bizarre stuff imaginable. How else can anyone explain the existence of the Hello Kitty tooth, Hello Kitty retainers, Hello Kitty braces and the Hello Kitty grill?

One would imagine that she would have pretty much explored all she could in this area, but once again that would be greatly underestimating the lengths that the evil feline will go to to brand absolutely everything. I mean, what’s a Hello Kitty fanatic to do once they get older and they begin to lose all those blinged out HK teeth? Well, get Hello Kitty dentures of course:

Hello Kitty fake teeth dentures false tooth

The scariest thing is that you know that all those HK fanatics who got Hello Kitty tattoos when they were young will be happily blinging out their Hello Kitty dentures in their later years (it gives me chills just thinking about it). While I have manage to put up with some pretty horrendous HK crap while living through this hell, I can guarantee that I would rather slowly die by starvation than ever put Hello Kitty dentures into my mouth…

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10 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Dentures”

  1. Really? This simply looks like someone put some stickers on Grandpa or Grandma’s dentures just to have a bit of fun. Notice the placement of the stickers and the fact that one isn’t even HK. I doubt these are real HK dentures…

  2. Haha, I made these in my last year of Dental Technician school. The Kittys are actual plastic stickers embedded in the acrylic. So no, no one is actually wearing these 🙂


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