Hello Kitty Halloween Pumpkins 2011

While I do believe that creating a Hello Kitty Halloween pumpkin is the best way to ruin a perfectly good holiday, I guess it’s a great way to scare the hell out of all the kids in the neighborhood and keep them away from your house.

Hello Kitty Halloween jack o lantern carved pumpkin

The first Hello Kitty pumpkin submission for 2011 (and let’s all hope that it is the last)

Sent in by Jennyboo

You just knew that more Hello Kitty Halloween pumpkins would come:

Halloween pumpkin with Hello Kitty face

Left by Elise on facebook

Hello Kitty witch Halloween pumpkin jack o latern

Sent in by zxtyk (via spencer77)

Hello Kitty Halloween vampire pumpkin jack o lantern

Left by Kit on Facebook

Hello Kitty Halloween pumpkin jack o lantern with sunglasses

Left by Constance on Facebook

5 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Halloween Pumpkins 2011”

  1. Agreed kitteh!! Pumpkin carving, even a basic design, isn’t always the easiest thing to do. I really love the second one more…

  2. @kitteh!! I’d disagree if I didn’t know how much of a hassle those things are to work with.

    Even so, you think they’d come up with something a bit spookier… *sigh*


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