Hello Kitty Diamonds

One would assume that since Hello Kitty has no mouth that she wouldn’t be able to speak, and thus there wouldn’t be any Hello Kitty quotes that my wife could constantly reference. Of course, that would make way too much sense which is definitely not the way the evil feline works. In fact, she has what would appear to be the most ludicrous quotes in the world to anyone other than a HK fanatic. Take for example, my wife’s favorite Hello Kitty quote:

Hello Kitty diamonds quote think happy thoughts and boys will buy you diamonds!

It’s good to know that Hello Kitty is setting such a wonderfully realistic example for all the young girls out there. I mean, it really does make sense that she supports the whole “Think happy thoughts…and boys will bring you diamonds!” mentality since it means nothing more than “Think happy thoughts…and boys will bring you overvalued pieces of a relatively common stone which has a high value due solely to an orchestrated advertising campaign by a cartel that uses child slave labor to mine its product.” I don’t think anyone can disagree that’s a pretty accurate depiction of what Hello Kitty is all about…

10 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Diamonds”

  1. Really? How about we tell our girls to get an education and work hard so they can buy thier own diamonds if they want? The original phrase ruined my ability to like this bling out HK 🙁

  2. Everyone knows that diamonds are a girls best friend and so is HK. The two go together like smiles and happiness. Only a retard would think that either could be bad. Stop the hating!


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