Hello Kitty Halloween Costumes 2011

I knew this was coming. I secretly prayed that it wouldn’t, but the mere fact that the evil feline exists pretty much proves that there is no God. It has become an annual torture fest beginning with Hello Kitty Halloween pumpkins landing in my email, then eventually a Hello Kitty Halloween costume ending up there as well. Although I had tried to mentally prepare myself for horror that would undoubtedly appear, I had no idea what an utterly frightening mess it would be. Judge for yourself:

Hello Kitty sexy Halloween costume

sexy pink Hello Kitty Halloween costume

Let’s hope that this fashion disaster convinces all the other fanatics out there that a Hello Kitty Halloween costume is just not in their best interest, and definitely not in the best interest of all the innocent bystanders whose minds will undoubtedly be scarred for life…

Sent in by Tawny

Update: Well, it certainly didn’t take long for the fanatics to prove that they do not learn from example…

Hello Kitty Halloween pink hair costume

Hello Kitty pink Halloween costume front and back

Left by Elizabeth on Facebook

Hello Kitty Halloween fur costume

Left by Annette on Facebook

13 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Halloween Costumes 2011”

  1. You were praying secretly? Maybe the problem was that God didn’t notice your prayer. This isn’t something you should beat around the bush about. If you’ve got legitimate fears,

  2. The first costume is way too stripper like, which for some, isn’t an issue, lol! But I really like the second one better b/c this one b/c this one can be toned down w/o changing the entire outfit, can work for girls of different sizes, and it just cuter overall!

  3. Hello Kitty never looked soo cute all in Sparkly Red Sequins…I’d wear that if i had the body CLUBBING on a Normal day… never mind Halloween… if that KITTY went to the pound this DAGG would RESCUE it…. lol lol lol

  4. They are all cute…hey your only young once…and after you have kids your body don’t look like that…GET A LIFE Hello Kitty Haters….you probably just wish you looked that cute…in those Lil Bitty Costumes….BUCKET LIST…CHECK….BEEN THERE….DONE THAT…..Happy to have a photo of it…Don’t be JEALOUS….MEOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I don’t know. That first girl is pretty cute. While I could do without the Hello Kitty costumes (or anything else Hello Kitty for that matter), I don’t think I’d toss her out of bed unless she was under the legal age limit.

  6. That Red outfit is PIMP…..She looks like a HOT Sanrio Babe…..SEXY as hell…and I’m sure it looked HOT on the Dance Floor…I’d ask her to dance to that song “APPLE BOTTOM JEANS…BOOTS WITH THE FUR”….anyday!!!!! Maybe you HATERS need glasses not the GIRL…She’s HOT


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