Hello Kitty Cigarettes

There really was no doubt left that Hello Kitty would put her name and likeness on anything and everything after she decided that the Hello Kitty vibrator (oh, sorry, I meant “shoulder massager”) was actually an acceptable item for the evil feline to promote. Since Hello Kitty alcohol was also deemed age appropriate for all the fanatics, was it really that much of a stretch to believe that Hello Kitty cigarettes would appear at some point?

Hello Kitty lights filtered cigarettes

Completely disregarding the irony that a cat with no mouth (but an extreme oral fixation) wants to help girls be beautiful, happy and healthy by encouraging them to suck away on cancer sticks (I have no doubt that they have been engineered in such a way that when the cancer appears, it’s in the shape of Hello Kitty’s face), my biggest fear would be what they actually taste like. One would assume that it would be impossible for cigarettes to taste any worse than they already do, but that would not be giving Hello Kitty her due when it comes to making things worse when it seems impossible to do so. Or maybe she will make them taste so sickly sweet that fanatics can’t resist them. Then they will become so addicted and smoke so many packs that they begin dying off. Maybe Hello Kitty cigarettes aren’t such a bad idea after all…

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Update: You thought that it would stop at one?

Hello Kitty pink cigarettes

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25 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Cigarettes”

  1. Well, this blog finally did it. After months of viewing, I am no longer shocked by anything I see HK’s face on. Like you, I am just so tired of seeing this sexist icon plastered everywhere.

    Well done.

  2. Sanrio will not license “negative products,” like Hello Kitty cigarettes, knives, pistols, or pornography. Alcohol (hard liquor ). ”

    It see this is is another unauthorize.
    My you send the rest of your life in a Hello Kity dungeon.

    “Maybe Hello Kitty cigarettes aren’t such a bad idea after all…”

    I resend my curse, May you be locked in air tight room with 1000 burring hello Kitty cigarettes (we got rid the world of fake HK products some how). In your last moments dying of cancer we will dress in hello kitty dress, panties and wig and post your lifeless picture in hello kitty coffin to ensure your will go to the hello kitty afterlife in eternal sorrow.

  3. Of all the things to put HK on, this has to be the worse IMO. I know this isn’t an offical Sanrio product, so I hope Sanrio sues the crap out of the losers who put this garbage out on the market. Shame on any vendor who puts this on their shelves for sale!

  4. These are absolutely fake!Sanrio would never create this and even if he did he would never put a mouth on HK.if he wanted HK to have a mouth he would of given her one from the start.

  5. Both are fake.

    The first one you can actually buy but it is still fake… it is illegally made product not made by Sanrio. Most likely made in country like Indonesia by a no-licence company to be marketed at younger kids(because kids can smoke there).

    The second ones are just regular cigarettes in a bandage tin.

    I used to enjoy reading this blog… because it was actually entertaining… but now you make up a lot of random crap and try too hard. With all of the insane Hello Kitty product out there, you ACTUALLY feel the need to make shit up?

  6. I don’t think he made it up, i think he knows that it’s fake but finds it amusing anyway. Sorry to hear that you don’t find it amusing.

  7. The first one is definately non-licensed by Sanrio, so they should sue (and probably would/will if they knew where they originated.) The second one is just a band-aid tin with a box of rgular cigarettes in it that someone photoshopped (poorly) the color of the filters pink. Nothing against you, Mr. HKH, being that you use pictures that others send you, but you may want to look a little harder at some things (Specifically the second picture)

  8. Wow the second pic is really badly photo shoped the “pink” filters are colored in if you zoom in you can see the didn’t even stay
    In the lines and some of it’s still orangey crazy people

  9. So noone has any idea where I can get these, I don’t really care if they’re licensed or not….. I’m over 18 (im a 19 actually) and have been perusing the internet forevvys, I’m assuming someone on here knows where to get them due to the fact that so many people wouldn’t be bitching over something they hadn’t seen for sale.

  10. I can 100% confirm that these aren’t fake, a Ukranian friend of mine gave me a couple of these a few years ago and she bought the pack while she was on holiday in Ukraine. I don’t remember what the packaging looked like exactly but they’re strawberry flavoured and taste disturbingly nice. I found this article trying to find somewhere to buy them from!


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