Hello Kitty Soft Taco Tortilla

One of the worst parts of living in Hello Kitty Hell is how the evil feline manages to ruin all types of food. It has already been well established that no food is off limits to her commercialization, and she once again proves that with stunning clarity. Anyone who loves Mexican food should be shedding more than a few tears over the Hello Kitty soft taco tortilla:

Hello Kitty tortillas for soft tacos

As horrible and unnerving as the Hello Kitty tortilla is ( and definitely further proof that there is something seriously askew in the world), you just know it will continue to get even worse…is there really any doubt that the people at Sanrio are already developing Hello Kitty tequila?

Sent in by Susan (via Susan Yuen)

7 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Soft Taco Tortilla”

  1. i just discovered this website and even though it seems i am slightly obsessed with hello kitty lately, this website is hilarious! As for Hello Kitty making her way into my meals, the tortillas look cute but yuck no thanks!


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