Hello Kitty Christmas Tree 2011

Leave it to Hello Kitty fanatics to not have the patience (or common decency) to start sending me horrible reminders of what the next month is going to be like in Hello Kitty Hell. First there was the Hello Kitty Christmas tree which soon lead to another Christmas tree before the floodgates opened (which created a strong case in favor of those who believe the world isn’t worth saving). Was there really any doubt that there would be more Hello Kitty Christmas trees?

Hello Kitty Xmas tree

Obviously there is one more person that needs to be added to the Hello Kitty Hall of Shame who has that look of wanting to go on a huge killing rampage for being forced to take the photo (is he holding Hello Kitty or getting ready to gut her?) It certainly seems that far too many are being forced to join me in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Carrie

Update: More horrendousness

Hello Kitty pink Christmas tree

Sent in by hkpepper

Hello Kitty Christmas tree purple

Sent in by Marna

12 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Christmas Tree 2011”

  1. I could do without the white tree, but that’s about white trees rather than about HK.

    Also I don’t automatically see red hair bow and think HK, even with the prompt of the woman holding the HK plush.

  2. I hate Hello Kitty. I have a 5 year old. This year I agreed we could have a pink christmas tree(am not really a ‘traditionalist’. We decorated said tree, Hello Kitty candy canes on sale at local newsagents. So add them. Then Hello Kitty chocolate tree ornaments. Hey presto I appear to have branded our household christmas with hello kitty theme. I may reuse the bloody hello kitty napkins from birthday party, and go the whole sodding hog. I am getting quite frightened, I know 9 year olds who like Hello Kitty. That is another 4 years. What if my house ends up on KittyHell.com…


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