Hello Kitty Poop Paste Toothpaste

Seriously, the people at Sanrio have gotten to the point that not only are they not even trying anymore, they are actively testing to see if there is anything that Hello Kitty fanatics won’t buy. Can you really come to any other conclusion when they are willing to release a product called “Who Pooped on My Toothbrush?” toothpaste in strawberry flavor?

Hello Kitty poop paste toothpaste from Korea

I still don’t understand the fascination of Hello Kitty x Poo, but obviously Hello Kitty fanatics think it’s a good thing to brush their teeth with. What’s ultimately so sad is that no matter how hard Sanrio employees try, and no matter how ridiculous the products that they come up with, the fanatics will continue to see them as cute and buy them. Is it really any wonder that more and more are finding themselves in Hello Kitty Hell?

Sent in by Nam Yoon Kim (with dedications to Nam Hee Kim and Orchid Lee)

15 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Poop Paste Toothpaste”

  1. Clearly, the intented discription or product name gets completely lost in translation. Besides, most of the Sanrio approved products meant for human “consumption” is gross tasting anyway so I would never purchase it anyway.

  2. This isn’t a legit. Sanrio product. Sanrio did not create this, this was created by a cheap, bootleg-producing company in Korea’s underground. It was meant to be funny for low-income Korean families with daughters.

  3. exploitation occurs on any product when it becomes popular. But let me as the big question, why does Hello Kitty not have a mouth? That is what got to me that made me a fan of her message.

  4. I actually have some sort of logical explanation as to how this came to be at all, be it through Sanrio or a bootleg company. In Japan, poop is (for some reason) almost like an inside joke, or a meme. It’s considered funny, and in a lot of cases, even cute.


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