Hello Kitty Holiday Wreath

While Hello Kitty fanatics don’t realize it, when they hang a Hello Kitty holiday wreath on their door, they are conveniently warning everyone in the neighborhood the terrible dangers that lurk inside. Believe me, you disregard this warning sign at your own peril:

Hello Kitty holiday wreath

Hello Kitty Christmas wreath

If you ever walk up to a door and see anything even remotely resembling a Hello Kitty holiday wreath, remember that it’s not a welcome sign — it’s a sign that you should run as far and as fast as you can away before you get sucked into Hello Kitty Hell. if not, you may end up like the poor soul in the door window terrified at being trapped in a Hello Kitty torture chamber with no way to escape…

Sent in by Titania

6 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Holiday Wreath”

  1. @Liz:
    I think it looks like the wreath itself is made of Chamaecyparis, Hello Kitty’s head made of filled Bellis perennis, the outlines are maybe raisins, her bow have the berries of Gaultheria procumbens and the whiskers are taken from the twigs of the same maybe, the eyes look like dark olives and the nose looks like from a rotten fruit of I-dunno-what.

    Sorry for not knowing the trivial names in English but saying Hello Kitty’s white head was made of daisies would be partially wrong because they’re not the normal ones you see on meadows and I only know their botanical names.


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