Hello Kitty Christmas Music Video

As if there was really a need to have one more reason to want this season to end as quickly as possible (see Hello Kitty Christmas trees and Hello Kitty ornaments if you had any doubts), this should quickly put the question to rest: a Hello Kitty Christmas music video that is guaranteed to haunt you long after the new year begins (you have been warned)

I did warn you. If you happened to not heed my advice, you now know that both your ears and eyes have experienced far more trauma than they were ever meant to endure which pretty much sums up the entire Hello Kitty Christmas experience.

Sent in by Maria from Hello Kitty Junkie who makes a cameo appearance in the video. The video was also filmed filmed at her apartment which is obviously another den of Hello Kitty Hellishness…

10 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Christmas Music Video”

  1. That was the absolute worst, most pathetic exscuse for music that I have ever had the unfortunate displeasure of listening to…
    I hope Sanrio sues her for promoting HK in such a ridiculous way….
    Someone needs to whack her in in the back of the neck with a baseball bat, and free that trapped chirping bird that is caught in her throat.

  2. Wow. That is the worst “buy this” consumery horrid ad thing I’ve seen in awhile. And from a singer named “Destenee”, which makes me want to cry. Who is clearly doing Mariah here. OH LORD.

  3. That song was pretty bad, but her apt is a HK dream for the most devoted fans. I have to admit, I have a few of the items featured including the same t-shirt, the toaster, toaster oven, and the clock to name a few, but my HK ornaments are way better, lol!

  4. Her singing voice is HORRIBLE.
    She has a mouth like a horse…its big, and concerns me.
    “Its what youll ask for, and its the thing you need”
    That’s…not exactly good lyrics, is it? That’s just blatant and obvous advertiding ,they could at least try. xD

    This music, and the video is just….awful. Everything that could be wrong with it, is wrong wit it.


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