The sad thing is that although we all already know that Hello Kitty has completely sold out (think Hello Kitty vibrators or Hello Kitty Hooters), this doesn’t stop others from collaborating with the evil feline and confirming that they, too, have completely sold out. There really is no other explanation for the Hello Kitty KISS collaboration:

Hello Kitty Kiss

hello kitty kiss plush

Of course, this does give perspective. All of a sudden all those Dr. Pepper KISS commercials don’t look nearly as terrible as they once did…

Sent in by far too many people who obviously need to find much more constructive things to do with their lives…

13 thoughts on “KISS”

  1. This isnt actually HK selling out though; This is Gene Simmons confirming that he will sell out to anyone who writes enough zeros on their royalty cheque!

    “Kiss”, you are dead to me now!!

  2. lol I love HK and KISS so I’d def buy these. And as far as Gene selling out… uh you would too.. money and money and we all want more so don’t blame him when anyone else would do the same.

  3. @Anne – I don’t have links, but GS has been a total (and I mean total) @$$hat about people using the Kiss images for charity events without buying a licence first that I feel entirely justified in my original comments.

  4. I find it odd why Kiss. I wonder is because of an early series of Hello Kitty Plush, one reminded me of Paul Stanly and the other Ziggy Stardust. Now as fro Kiss, cut them some slack. Kiss is a business their job is to make money. Second were talking about a band that been around and had their zenith in the 70’s in my opinion and now well on their playing the nostalgia and oldies market.

    Now if it it was me I would used more than Hello Kitty; Batz Maru would be a better fit for Gene Simmons.

  5. The Peter Criss kitty is the most disturbing. It’s a cat made up to look like a man made up to look like a cat. I think my brain just melted.

  6. It amazes me how people accuse of KISS of selling out. They’ve been pretty much selling out since day one. I’m surprised they haven’t sold their body fluids and waste yet.

    • @Dan
      Actually they have sold their bodily fluids. Each band member donated a vial of blood which was collectively mixed with the red ink used for the first issue of the Marvel/KISS comic book in 1977. The blood was extracted on February 21st, 1977 at Nassau Coliseum, NY during a concert tour stop and a notary public certified the authenticity of the process w/ the notarized document released as the ‘KISS comic book contract’.

      And as for the bodily waste ‘end’ of your comment, please refer to the July 25th 2012 post entitled “Hello Kitty KISS Toilet Paper”; it’s pretty ‘crappy’! hahahahahhahahahaha!!! 😀

      …and with that, so their Souls. But I love them still and see them whenever they come to town and bought that comic book in ’77 too 😀

      Signed, MetallicaEddieMurphyJohnnyRottenAndIceCube


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