Once again, the people at Sanrio leave no doubt that they are willing to partner with absolutely anyone in order to make a buck. Can there really be any other explanations for Hello Kitty teaming up with Hooters?

hello kitty hooters

hello kitty hooters japan

I guess it could be worse (NSFW), but then we already know that it can always get worse when it comes to Hello Kitty. You know that the Hello Kitty x Playboy partnership announcement is just around the corner…

Sent in by far too many people who obviously have way too much time on their hands…

Update: You knew there would be more, like a Hello Kitty Hooters plush…

hello kitty hooters plush

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14 thoughts on “Hooters”

  1. As much as I try to defy you as a male Hello Kitty fan, there are times where even I am left dumbfounded. Of all places why Hooters? Hello Kitty at Hooters makes much sense as opening Pork BBQ joint in Jewish quarter of Jerusalem.
    Are they trying to go for the mens market? It is an odd way to go about it. No sensible men will take their valentines date there and I am not sure women would be keen to be seen at Hooters.
    There are better way we can capture the men’s market; have Lauren Faust do her My Little Pony magic on Hello Kitty and Friends and we will capture the Brony market.

  2. I agree with Acton’s points in his paras 1 and 2 (except that I’m not an HK fan). No way would I take a date there, although I know women who tolerate the sechsual politics for the hot wings.

    On the positive side, the Hooters Girl is cute! 😀

  3. Haha, that would totally get the bronies Acton! Except maybe me. Maybe.
    Anyway this is one of those corporate decisions that really make you do a double-take.

  4. @Sabree – My point (and I think Acton’s too) was that we’d not take a GF to Hooters for a date unless she specifically asked to go there.

    Also I can’t remember if you sent in pics of your HK costume. If not, then This thread is worthless without pics!! 😀 😈

  5. I couldn’t believe it until I actually saw it with my own eyes. What were they thinking? Do they think the people who go to hooters are Hello Kitty fans? This is over the edge!


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