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It has already been well established on this blog that dogs that are owned by Hello Kitty fanatics must live in a Hello Kitty Hell on par with mine (for reference for those that might still have any doubt: 12345 – yes, I could go on and on…), so the fact that the evil feline continues to make products specifically for dogs pretty much confirms that there are absolutely no dog lovers working at Sanrio.

hello kitty dog chew toy

Some will undoubtedly argue that the dog being able to chew (at least in part) Hello Kitty isn’t a bad thing, and it’s actually a good thing as it helps to relieve the dog’s frustration. What these people fail to understand is that this is exactly what the marketing people have predicted will happen. The Hello Kitty fanatics will buy the dog toy because they think it’s cute and will be surprised at how quickly and violently their dog annihilates the chew toy. In their ignorance, they will assume that this is because the dog “loves” the chew toy, and therefore will go out and buy another one which, again, will be ferociously dismantled piece by piece out by the of sheer horror of having to lay eyes upon it. Of course, the fanatic will now assume that the dog “adores” the chew toy, and will buy another one. This process will continue with Hello Kitty racking up impressive sales until the dog realizes that it will be much less painful to simply swallow the toy and choke to death — a process that unfortunately and hauntingly seems to foretell my eventual demise…

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7 thoughts on “Dog Chew Toy”

  1. It’s a good shape for a dog chew toy, and IME dogs destroy these things PDQ regardless, so I’d say it’s a win/win/win/win for Sanrio, dogs, and HK lovers and haters!

  2. @kitteh!!- Excellent points, besides, Sanrio already produces HK themed dog/cat bowls and collars, so this item makes perfect sense.

  3. My 80 pound pitbull would kill this in about 10 minutes, she would like the color (it matches the color of her bone shaped bed) and if it squeaks. Although you are correct, because she would destroy this so quickly I would assume she loves it and would want another and go out and purchase a replacement the cycle would go on and on. I would hope though that my dog wouldn’t committ suicide just to stop it.


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