Dodgeball Team

There are few things that surprise me in Hello Kitty Hell these days, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t come across things on a daily basis that make me ask myself, “for the love of all that is supposed to be good in the word…why???” The Hello Kitty dodgeball team definitely falls into that category:

Hello Kitty dodgeball team

I imagine the strategy is that the other team would be temporarily blinded by the horror of seeing this team come onto the court, thus giving them the advantage of being able to pick off the opponents with ease. This would seem like a wonderful strategy if it weren’t for the complete embarrassment that they cause their family, and the terrifying mental anguish that they have spread to all those that happen to see them (not to mention the devastating self-inflicted nightmares which will undoubtedly haunt them for the rest of their lives). With all the terror and mental anguish this causes, I have no doubt that Hello Kitty sponsored professional sports teams are just around the corner…

Sent in by Jess

12 thoughts on “Dodgeball Team”

  1. Hate to bust the bubble but these guys were 100% all for the ladies. The dodge ball game was a charity benefit that had a lot of teams with there own themes and costumes. Like “Bad News Panda’s”, “Barbie Bimbos”(dressed like babries) “Brain Storms”(dressed like zombies) , “The Dodge Fathers”, and one team even went by “We’re just here to impress our girlfriends”. It was a big hit and raised a lot of money.

    Oh and this team went by “Zluty Cats” (Sluty Cats) and I have to give it to them, they played well.

  2. It’s all being done in fun. If that’s what they’re into, so be it. Personally, I would have chosen a cuter HK tee IMO…


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