Free Hello Kitty Pez Dispenser Giveaway

The question is, “What does one who lives in Hello Kitty Hell do when a Hello Kitty item is found accidentally misplaced among his own items?” Does he return it to the Hello Kitty fanatic who will never fully understand the amount of true self sacrifice it takes to do such a thing, or does he go rogue and give it away and hope that the fanatic never finds out? The flip of the coin determined that he would go rogue.

Hello Kitty PEZ dispenser

This is a giveaway for a 2004 Hello Kitty Japanese Pez Dispenser (still in its original package because what Hello Kitty fanatic would ever actually use a Hello Kitty product???). There are 7 ways to enter:

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Good luck and let’s hope I can sneak this to one of you (who will hopefully destroy it is some awesomely horrific way) without getting delegated to couch in the Hello Kitty sleeping bag for the rest of the year…

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28 thoughts on “Free Hello Kitty Pez Dispenser Giveaway”

  1. It looks like Mr. HKH is trying to cover up the fact that he’s a closet Hello Kitty fan again. I would love to win, though.

  2. Is Mr. HKH going to make his life even more hellish by doing the giveaway?

    I’m very confused by this question. HELP????

  3. You should totally give it to me *grins* I will destroy it with glee! The hell cat deserves complete destruction by fire!

  4. Who’d keep a PEZ dispenser of all things in it’s original box?

    I have 5 different HK PEZ dispensers and not one is in its original box


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